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Make A Mentos Launcher:

Make Your Own Exploding Soda

Mini Marshmallow Launcher:

Send Mini Marshmallows Flying

Super Sound Popper:

This Experiment Really Pops!

World’s Easiest Bird Feeder:

Feed Your Feathered Friends

Glowing Lava Lamp:

Use Density to Build a Glowing Lava Lamp

Glow Snow:


Make Fun Snow That Glows

Bubbling Blizzard:

Use Density To Create A Snowstorm In A Bottle

Friction Fun:

Use Friction To Magically Lift A Bottle

How To Cast An Animal Track:

Become An Expert Animal Tracker

Make A Homemade Handwarmer:

Awesome Exothermic Reaction Experiment

Panicked Pepper:

Soap And Surface Tension Don’t Mix

Cold Air Balloon:

Use An Endothermic Reaction To Blow Up A Balloon

Make A Homemade Cold Pack:

This Experiment Is So Cool It Will Make You Shiver

Scared Cinnamon:

Cinnamon And Soap Don’t Mix

Giant Fingerprints:

Make Your Fingerprints As Big As Your Head

Crazy Cocoa Powder:

Cocoa Has A Crazy Fear Of Liquids

Easy Film Canister Rocket:

Use A Chemical To Send Your Rocket Sky High

Easiest Way To Break Your Own Geode:

Learn The Easy Trick To Break Your Own Geode

Build Your Own Balance Buddy:

Build A Fun Little Friend That Will Balance On Your Finger

Super Easy Pan Flute:

Make a Fun Little Musical Instrument

Jumbo Water Bead Balloon:

Make A Strange And Unique Item

Bug On A Leash:

Create A Buzzing Sound Machine

Crazy Kazoo:

Build A Fun Musical Instrument

Duck In A Cup:

This Sound Experiment Will “Quack” You Up

DIY Hydrophobic Sand:

Make Sand That Is Scared Of Water

How To Cast An Animal Track:

Collect And Study Real Animal Tracks

Real Glowing Rocks:

Make Real Rocks Glow

Little Birdie Snack Bar:

Create A Snack No Bird Can Resist

Burp In A Bag:

This Bag Has Gas

Fabulous Floating Rocks:

Can Rocks Really Float?

Looney Lodestone:

This Is One Crazy Rock

Cloud In A Bottle:

Create An Instant Cloud

Outrageously Easy Oobleck:

Enjoy A Fun And Easy Sensory Science Experiment

Rip Roaring Balloon:

An Unexpected Sound Experiment

Easy Oobleck Excavation:

An Easy Excavation That Is Also An Awesome Sensory Experience

Rocket Blast Balloon:

This Motion Experiment Is A Blast


Exploding Baggie:

Use Science To Explode A Baggie

Flameproof Balloon:

Make A Balloon Resistant To Flames

Magic Firefighter:

Use A Chemical Reaction To Put Out Fires

Ice Fishing Adventure:

Catch Ice Cubes In This Easy Yet Awesome Experiment

Discover Your Own DNA:

Find Out What You’re Really Made Of

Eating Iron For Breakfast:

Feeling A Little Rusty This Morning?

Snot Slime:

Explore Amazing Mucus And Spectacular Snot

Sunscreen And Skin:

Catching Rays… And Blocking Them


Snow Melt:

See If You Can Save Snow With Science

Heat Race:

Does Land Heat Up Faster Than Water?

Make A Wind Vane:

Make A Meteorological Instrument To Determine Wind Direction

DIY Barometer:

Awesome Air Pressure Everywhere

Make A Rock In A Cup:

Super Sedimentary Science Experiment

How Are Fold Mountains Formed?:

Mimic The Making Of Mountains

Rock Acid Test:

Identify Minerals With Sizzling Science

Understanding The Rock Cycle:

The Rock Cycle Rocks!

Super Seed Jar:

Examine What Seeds Do Underground

Making Oxygen:

Watch Plants Make The Air You Breath

Plant Trap:


You Can’t Hold A Good Plant Down

Sprouting Seeds:


Observe Stages Of Seed Development


Easy Constellation Projector:

Create Constellations And See Stars

Is Your House Moving?:

Watch Stars Travel Across The Night Sky

Revolution Versus Rotation:

Easily Visualize These Two Stellar Concepts

Make A Sundial:

Tell Time With The Sun


Water In The Air:

Crazy Condensation And Wacky Water Vapor

Make A Rain Gauge:

Create A Device To Measure Precipitation

Cutting String With The Sun:

Harness The Sun’s Energy

The Greenhouse Effect:

Simulate An Atmosphere In A Jar

Flatulence Fun:

Have Fun Learning About Farts

Measure Lung Capacity:

See How Much Air Your Lungs Hold

Sweet Tooth:

This Experiment Will Make You Want To Brush Your Teeth

Baffling Balance:

Can You Balance Blindfolded?


Disappearing Reflection:

Use Science To Seemingly Disappear

Leakproof Baggie:

Poke Pencils Through A Baggie Of Water

Magic Water Cup:

Turn A Cup Of Water Upside Down

Egg In A Bottle:

Use Air Pressure To Put An Egg In A Bottle

Cup Of Lava:

Make A Cool Cup Of Bubbling Lava

Baby Elephant’s Toothpaste:

Create A Foamy Chemical Reaction

Easy Invisible Ink:

Learn How To Leave Secret Messages

Awesome Eruption:

Set Off An Awesome Eruption

Glowing Constellations:

Create Glow In The Dark Constellations

How Are Craters Formed:

Explore Craters On The Moon’s Surface

Erupting Moon Rocks:

Use A Chemical Reaction To Erupt Moon Rocks

Eat Like An Astronaut:

Have A Snack In Outer Space

Strength Test:

See If You Can Pull The String Straight

Magic Ball:

Observe Centrifugal Force In Action

Can A Light Weight Lift A Heavy Weight?:

Is This Experiment Even Possible?

Coin In A Cup:

Explore Inertia With This Experiment

Observing Inertia:

This Experiment Wants To Stay In Motion

Coin Flick:

Magically Remove The Bottom Coin

Hammer Head:

Seemingly Defy Gravity

Galileo’s Swinging Strings:

Who Knew Pendulums Were So Amazing?


Smog In A Jar:

Explore And Observe Air Pollution 

Compost In A Bottle:

Turn Trash Into Fertile Soil

Acid Rain:

Investigate Pollution And Precipitation

Make A Paper Straw:

Alternatives To One Time Use Plastics


Do Earthworms Like Light:

Which Way Will They Wiggle?

How Do Animals Hide:

Learn How Animals Use Camouflage To Survive

Why Are Eggs Egg Shaped:

Bet You Can’t Crush An Egg

Make An Animal Track Station:

Which Animals Come Over For Dinner?

Crazy Chalk:

Watch Chalk And Vinegar React

Dancing Rice:

These Grains Of Rice Have Some Moves

Bubbling Slime:

Make A Gooey Batch Of Bubbling Goo

Rubber Egg:

Use A Chemical Reaction To Undress An Egg

Cotton Ball Catapult:

Make An Energy Converting Machine

Rapid Rubber Band Launcher:

Send A Bunch Of Rubber Bands Flying

Water Balloon Physics:

Why Do Water Balloons Burst?

Centrifugal Force: 

This Experiment Will Send You Spinning

Rainbow Crystals:

Create An Awesome Assortment Of Colorful Crystals

Grow Rock Candy Crystals:

This Crystal Science Experiment Is Sweet

Salt Crystals:

Saturated Salt Water Holds A Secret Surprise

Grow Your Own Crystal Garden:

Harvest A Batch Of Super Cool Crystals

Use Straws To Reduce Friction:

Reduce Friction And Move Heavy Stuff

Find A Hard Boiled Egg:

Use Spinning Science In This Experiment

Unbreakable Thread:

Tough Thread Or Simple Science?

Magic Napkin:

Use Inertia To Impress Your Friends

Make A Marshmallow Popper:

This Candy Experiment Has Potential

Mentos And Soda Eruption:

A Crazy Candy Reaction That Erupts

DIY Science Soda:

Use Science To Make A Bubbling Soda

Candy Container Popper:

An Easy Chemical Reaction Experiment That Pops!

Dancing Corn:

This Corn Can Get Down

Non-Newtonian Goo:

Easy Oobleck Experiment

Lemon Penny Polish:

Use Fruit To Make Your Coins Shine

Big Stick Balance:

This Simple Experiment Will Surprise You

Color Changing Slime:

Make Slime That Changes Colors At Different Temperatures

Rainbow Crystals:

Create Colorful Super Absorbent Crystals 

Which Is Hotter?:

Some Colors May Be Hotter Than Others

Rainbow Celery:

Use Capillary Action To Create Colorful Celery

Bending Straw Illusion:

Use Science To Bend A Straw Without Touching It

Walk On Water:

Explore An Awesome Non-Newtonian Material

Magnetic Wand:

Make A Wand With Unseen Powers

Diving Egg:

Use A High Diving Egg To Investigate Inertia

Stab A Potato:

Use Science To Send A Straw Through A Potato

Traveling Toothpicks:

Surface Tension And Toothpicks Do Mix

Balance A House On Your Finger:

Watch This House Wobble But Not Tip Over

Ruler Race:

Which One Will Win Every Time?

Catch An Ice Cube:

Frozen Water Is A Lot Of Fun

Make A Rainbow:

Refract Water And Make A Mini Rainbow

Which Water Leaks Faster?:

See If Hot Or Cold Water Drips Faster

Make A Water Filter:

Can You Make Clean Water With Sand And Pebbles? 


Secret Message:

This Chemical Reaction Reveals A Hidden Message

Turn A Penny Green:

Make A Blueish-Green Compound

Rocket Boat:

A Chemical Reaction Powered Boat

Shiny Stuff:

Learn How To Copper Plate Metal


Upside Down Reflection:

This Experiment Will Stand You On Your Head

What Things Rust:

Explore Rust And Things That Rust

Bag Full Of States Of Matter:

Solids, Liquids, And Gases, Oh My!

Cork Challenge:

Can You Complete The Cork Challenge?

Underwater Volcanos:

Explore Ocean Currents And Underwater Geography

Coastal Erosion:

Examine Shifting Shorelines

Seashells And Vinegar:

Making Waves With Chemical Reactions

Frozen Ocean:

Can The Ocean Freeze?

Stop A Strainer:

Use Science To Stop A Strainer From Straining

Make A Simple Sundial:

Use The Sun To Tell Time

Googly Eye Slime:

Add Googly Eyes To Science Slime

Snow On The Pond:

Break The Surface Tension To Send Snow Scurrying Away

Jumping Pepper:

Use Static Electricity To Make Pepper Pop

Magic Bending Water:

Make Water Magically Dance

Make An Electromagnetic Train:

This Train Rips Around The Track

Electrical Goo:

Use Static Electricity To Control Goo

Sugar Rush:

This Is One Sweet Science Experiment

Red Cabbage Litmus Paper:

Make Litmus Paper In Your Kitchen

Lemon Electricity:

Can Lemons Make Electricty?

Create Curds And Whey:

Use Science To Curdle Milk

Balloon In A Bottle:

Trick A Balloon To Hide In A Bottle

Balloon Speakers:

Rock Out With This Balloon Sound System

Balloon Powered Lightbulb:

Use Static Electricity To Illuminate A Lightbulb

Tabletop Balloon Water Fountain:

Build A Balloon Powered Water Fountain

Mystical Mustard Packet:

Learn Science With Magical Mustard

Walking On Eggs:

Don’t Scramble These Eggs

Quarter Catch:

Have Some Fun With Physics

Dry Paper:

Dunk Paper In Water And Keep It Magically Dry

Make An Anemometer:

Make A Meteorological Instrument To Measure Wind Speed

Observing Air Pressure:

See The Power Of Air Pressure In This Experiment

Why Do We Have Seasons?:

Explore The Reasons For The Seasons

Why Is Winter Colder Than Summer?:

See The Science Behind These Different Seasons

Understanding Air Pressure:

Air Pressure Is All Around Us

Build A Barometer:

Make A Meteorological Instrument To Measure Air Pressure

Cold Front:

Create Your Own Cold Front

How Far Away Is Lightning?:

See The Flash And Hear The Boom!

Bowl Of Life:

You May Not Expect What These Grow Into

Sprout A Lemon Seed:

Become A Budding Botanist

Grow A Colony Of Mold:


Mold Is Amazing… And Important!

Check Your Pulse:

This Biology Experiment Will Get Your Heart Racing


Walking Rainbow:

Create A Colorful Climbing Rainbow

Pulling Colors Apart:

Use Science To Separate Colors

Colorful Crystals:

Grow A Batch Of Colorful Crystals

Rainbow Skittles:

Create A Swirl Of Beautiful Colors

Make A Bridge Collapse:

Create An Engineering Failure

Can Paper Hold Your Weight?:

Test Material Strength And Load Bearing

Homemade Kaleidoscope:

Build A Contraption To “See” Science In Action

Make A Marble Run:

Use Engineering To Explore Gravity And Friction


Exploding Stomach:

Is That Your Tummy Rumbling?

Bad Taste In Your Mouth:

Things That Make You Go “Yuck!”

How Does An Eye Work?

Use Science To See Upside Down

What Do Taste Buds Taste?:

Oh, That’s Yummy… Or Is It?

Squishy Slime Balloon:

Make A Balloon Filled With Slime

States Of Matter Balloon:

The Gas In This Balloon “Matters”

Make A Mini Hovercraft:

This Experiment Floats On A Cushion Of Air

Expanding Air Balloon:

A Balloon Experiment That Needs To Chill Out


Pet Tornado:

Create A Tornado In A Bottle

Crazy Quicksand:

Make Quicksand With Cornstarch

CD Hovercraft:

Build A Cool Little Hovercraft

Bean In A Bag:

Grow Real Beans In A Plastic Bag

Clucking Chicken In A Cup:

This Is One Noisy Chicken

Talking String:

Teach A String To Talk

Trombone Straw:

Create Cool Sounds With This Straw Instrument

Noisy Paper:

This Paper Buzzes With Sound

Compass Challenge:

Explore Magnetism With This Cool Challenge

Mystical Magnetic Field:


See Invisible Magnetic Fields

Can You Trick A Vending Machine?:


Learn How A Vending Machine Works

Magnetic Slime:


Make Slime That Wiggles And Moves


Rain In A Jar:

Demonstrate The Water Cycle In A Jar

Reverse Water Spout:

Explore This Bizarre Weather Phenomenon

Winter At The Beach:

Will Water Heat Up Faster Than Land?

Why Is Summer So Hot?:

Turn Up Your AC For This Weather Experiment

Crystal Garden:

Grow Your Own Garden Of Crystals

Baking Soda Balloon:

Inflate A Balloon With A Chemical Reaction

Train Horn:

Make A Super Loud Device

Really Rusty:

Discover Things That Rust

Turn Milk Into Plastic:

Can A Plastic Come From a Cow?

Orange Splash:

Explore High Diving Fruit And Physics

Rotten Banana:

This Experiment Gets Gross And Gassy

Dirty Pennies:

Use Science To Shine Pennies

Baking Soda And Vinegar Volcano:

Make An Erupting Chemical Reaction

Apples And Lemons:

How Do You Like Them Apples?

Smashing Seashells:

Seashells And Science Can Be Smashing

Foam At The Mouth:

You Won’t Be Able To Contain The Science

Lemon Science Soda:

Who Knew Science Could Taste So Good

Can An Egg Float?:

Use Science To Float An Egg

Fat Food Test:

Find Out Which Foods Contain Fat

Secret Code On An Egg:

Spy Science At Its Finest


Why Does A Boat Float?:

This Experiment Sinks Ships

Sugar Water Density Test:

Use Density To Make A Water Rainbow

Floating Grapes:

These Grapes Do Strange Things

Can An Egg Float In The Ocean?:


Discover Density With Floating Eggs

Lava Lamp #2:

No Alka-Seltzer DIY Lava Lamp

Disco Dancing Raisins:

These Raisins Know How To Boogie

Crazy Ketchup:

Make Ketchup Packets Act Crazy

Pop Rocket:

Send A Candy Tube Flying

Make A Model Back Bone:

Explore The Human Spine

Invisible Images:

What You See Is Not Always What You Get

Lung Capacity:

How Much Air Can You Hold?

Reaction Time:

Are You Quick Enough For This Experiment?

Liquid Sandwich:

Sounds Gross But This Density Experiment Is Cool

Oil And Water Flip:

This Experiment Will Flip Your Opinion Of Density

Do Oil And Water Mix?:

Can’t These Two Just Get Along?

Floating Water:

Is It Possible To Observe Water Floating?

Blow A Bubble Inside A Bubble:

Make A Super Strong Bubble Solution

Lost At Sea:

Learn How To Trick A Compass

Trap A Tornado:

Create A Cool Vortex In A Bottle

Snow Slime:

A Snow To Slime For A Cool Effect

Copper Plated Nails:

Use Science To Make Metal Shiny

Coin Drop:

Explore Physics With This Experiment

Super Bubble Solution:

Learn How To Make Really Big Bubbles

Bubbling Buttons:

Use Science To Make Buttons Dance

Film Canister Popper:

Blow The Lid Off With A Cool Chemical Reaction

Styrofoam Slime:

Make Science Slime Even Better

Make Mist:

Explore Bernoulli’s Principle And More

Blow Up A Balloon With A Lemon:

Is This Experiment Even Possible?




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