Science Fun

Science Experiments for Kids:

Science experiments you can do at home! Click on the experiment image or the view experiment link below for each experiment on this page to see the materials needed and procedure. Have fun trying these experiments at home or use them for SCIENCE FAIR PROJECT IDEAS.
Lava Lamp - April 2018

Lava Lamp:

Use Density to Build a Funky Lamp
Orange Fizz - Feb. 2018

Orange Fizz:

Chemical Eruption in your Mouth
Storm in a Glass - June 2018

Storm in a Glass:

Model of Rainstorm in a Glass
Dry Erase - March 2018

Dry Erase:

Draw Figures that become Animated
Making A Volcano - August 2014

Making A Volcano:

Acids and Bases Can Erupt in Your Faces
Home Made Play Dough - July 2014

Home Made Play Dough:

Don’t Buy the Expensive Stuff, When You Can Make it Yourself
Snow Fluff - December 2017

Snow Fluff:

Shaving Cream + Cornstarch = Snow
Milk Art - MAY 2018

Milk Art:

Paint a Pretty Design Using Milk
Snow Globe - January 2018

Snow Globe:

Craft a Decoration using Viscosity
Squishy Turkeys - November 2017

Squishy Turkeys:

Create a Turkey, Don’t Eat a Turkey
Rainbow in a Glass! - May 2017

Rainbow in a Glass:

Use Skittles to Form a Rainbow
Sizzlin' Snowballs - December 2016

Sizzlin’ Snowballs:

An Acid and a Base will Sizzle in your Face
Jello Lenses - August 2018

Jello Lenses:

Glasses Formed of Jello
Ice Fishing - July 2018

Ice Fishing:

Can’t Catch Fish, Try Your Luck at Ice
Super Cool Soda - Sept. 2017

Super Cool Soda:

Cook Up a Slushy Soda Treat
Jack-O-Cano - October 2016


Turn your Pumpkin into a Volcano
Dancing Hearts - February 2015

Dancing Hearts:

Who Knew Conversation Hearts Could be so Groovy?
Marbled Gift Wrap - December 2018

Marbled Gift Wrap:

Absorb Shaving Cream to Design Pretty Paper
Massive Expanding Soap - July 2017

Massive Expanding Soap:

Watch Soap Grow
Surface Tension Art - February 2017

Surface Tension Art:

Fashion Art out of Water, Paint, and Surface Tension
Fizzy Fruit

Fizzy Fruit:

You’ll Notice Bubbles
Rotting Pumpkin

Rotting Pumpkin:

Watch Your Pumpkin Turn To Mush
Explode A Bag

Explode A Bag:

When the Bag Can’t Hold Anymore It’ll Pop
Rotting Pumpkin

Invisible Extinguisher:

Let’s Extinguish That Candle!
Paper Hovercrafts

Paper Hovercrafts:

Paper Airplanes on the Next Level
Fun Fossil Stamps - April 2017

Fun Fossil Stamps:

Mold Clay into Your Own Prehistoric Fossil
Ping Pong - October 2018

Ping Pong:

Ping Pongs Float in Mid Air
Cool Crystals - October 2017

Cool Crystals:

Crystals made of Chilled Salt
Balloon Pop! Not! - January 2017

Balloon Pop! Not!

A needle, a balloon…no pop?
Solar Eclipse Kit - Aug. 2017

Solar Eclipse Kit:

Construct an Eclipse Box
Moldy Apples - September 2016

Moldy Apples:

What Transforms an Apple into a Moldy One?
Cool Off Volcanoes

Cool Off Volcanoes:

Volcanoes…Frozen Edition
Vinegar Pops - June 2016

Vinegar Pops:

Concoct the Most Disgusting Pops Ever
Make It Rain - April 2016

Make It Rain:

Cause the Water Cycle in a Jar
Black Light Blue Beverage - October 2015

Black Light Blue Beverage:

Mix Up a Spooky Concoction
Changing of the Leaves - September 2015

Changing of the Leaves:

Alter Green Leaves into Colorful Leaves
Snowflakes - December 2015


Pipe Cleaner Snowflakes
Egg Drop - November 2015

Egg Drop:

Will Your Egg Pass the Challenge?
Water Fireworks - July 2015

Water Fireworks:

Ooh and Ahh at a Colorful Display in a Glass of Water
The Mind of a Student - August 2015

Mind of a Student:

Compare Chemical Reactions using Film Canisters
Balloon Speakers - May 2016

Balloon Speakers:

The Cheapest Speakers in Town
Polar Bear Blubber - January 2016

Polar Bear Blubber:

Shortening, a Household Insulator
Gorgeous Gooey Gobstoppers - February 2016

Gorgeous Gooey Gobstoppers:

Watercolors have Nothin’ on Gobstoppers
Olympic Medals - August 2016

Olympic Medals:

Win Gold for Science
Dyed Flowers - May 2015

Dyed Flowers:

Make like a Florist and Dye the Petals of a Flower
Rain, Rain, Don't Go Away Gauge - April 2015

Rain, Rain, Don’t Go Away Gauge:

Assemble a Rain Gauge using a Soda Bottle
Blossoming Beans - March 2015

Blossoming Beans:

Germinate a Pinto Bean
Sun Dial - January 2015

Sun Dial:

Turn a Backyard into a Clock
Butter Fingers - November 2014

Butter Fingers:

Whip Up Homemade Butter
Polishing Pennies - September 2014

Polishing Pennies:

Oxidizing Does Wonders
Dancing Liquid - October 2014

Dancing Liquid:

Liquids Have Moves Too
Floating Egg - April 2014

Floating Egg:

Sink or Float or Both?
Bendy Bones

Bendy Bones:

A Perfect Experiment for Thanksgiving
Pot of Gold - March 2016

Pot Of Gold:

Bake a Tasty Treat
Layers of Liquids - May 2014

Layers of Liquids:

Dive into Density
Crystal Candy - March 2014

Crystal Candy:

Prepare a Beautiful and Tasty Treat