Science Fun

Density Science Experiments

Easy density science experiments you can do at home! Click on the experiment image or the view experiment link below for each experiment on this page to see the materials needed and procedure. Have fun trying these experiments at home or use them for SCIENCE FAIR PROJECT IDEAS.


Liquid Sandwich:

Sounds Gross But This Density Experiment Is Cool

Oil And Water Flip:

This Experiment Will Flip Your Opinion Of Density

Do Oil And Water Mix?:

Can’t These Two Just Get Along?

Floating Water:

Is It Possible To Observe Water Floating?


Why Does A Boat Float?:

This Experiment Sinks Ships

Sugar Water Density Test:

Use Density To Make A Water Rainbow

Floating Grapes:

These Grapes Do Strange Things

Can An Egg Float In The Ocean?:


Discover Density With Floating Eggs

Lava Lamp - April 2018

Lava Lamp:

Use Density to Build a Funky Lamp

Bubbling Blizzard:

Create A Beautiful Blizzard In A Bottle

Glowing Lava Lamp:

This Groovy Lamp Bubbles And Glows

Rainbow In A Glass:

Use Density To Make A Rainbow