Science Fun

Cool Science Experiments

Cool science experiments you can do at home! Click on the experiment image or the view experiment link below for each experiment on this page to see the materials needed and procedure. Have fun trying these experiments at home or use them for SCIENCE FAIR PROJECT IDEAS.


Blow A Bubble Inside A Bubble:

Make A Super Strong Bubble Solution

Lost At Sea:

Learn How To Trick A Compass

Trap A Tornado:

Create A Cool Vortex In A Bottle

Snow Slime:

A Snow To Slime For A Cool Effect

Copper Plated Nails:

Use Science To Make Metal Shiny

Coin Drop:

Explore Physics With This Experiment

Super Bubble Solution:

Learn How To Make Really Big Bubbles

Bubbling Buttons:

Use Science To Make Buttons Dance

Film Canister Popper:

Blow The Lid Off With A Cool Chemical Reaction

Styrofoam Slime:

Make Science Slime Even Better

Make Mist:

Explore Bernoulli’s Principle And More

Blow Up A Balloon With A Lemon:

Is This Experiment Even Possible?


Cup Of Lava:

Make A Cool Cup Of Bubbling Lava

Baby Elephant’s Toothpaste:

Create A Foamy Chemical Reaction

Easy Invisible Ink:

Learn How To Leave Secret Messages

Awesome Eruption:

Set Off An Awesome Eruption

Glowing Lava Lamp:

Use Density to Build a Funky Glowing Lamp

DIY Hydrophobic Sand:

Make Cool Sand That Seems Almost Magical

Cloud In A Bottle:

Create A Cool Cloud In An Instant

Outrageously Easy Oobleck:

Create An Easy Non-Newtonian Material