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Science Experiments For Kids

Science experiments you can do at home! Explore science experiments by categories and discover hundreds of science experiments you can try at home using readily available materials. Click on the experiment category image or the experiment category link below to see the experiments in each category. Have fun trying these experiments at home or use them for SCIENCE FAIR PROJECT IDEAS.


Easy Science Experiments For Kids:

Tons Of Easy Science Experiments To Do At Home

Kitchen Chemistry:

Cook Up Some Crazy Chemistry In Your Kitchen

Cool And Crazy Concoctions:

Fizzy Fun And Other Cool Science Experiments

Electricity And Magnetism:

Shockingly Easy Electricity And Magnetism Experiments

Magic Science Experiments:

Seemingly Magical Science Experiments

Force And Motion:

Fun Force And Motion Science Experiments

Balloon Science Experiments:

Easy Science Experiments Using Balloons

Color Science Experiments:

Colorful Activities And Experiments

Chemical Reactions:

Create Awesome Chemical Reactions

Amazing Animal Activities:

Learn About Animals Aquariums And More

Weather And Air Experiments:

Amazing Meteorological Experiments And More

Easy Density Experiments:

Sink Or Swim With These Awesome Density Experiments

Light And Sound Science Experiments:

These Science Experiments Look And Sound Amazing

Dinosaur And Fossil Fun:

Enter A Wonderful World Of Dinosaur Experiments

Rocket Science And Space Experiments:

Blast Off With The Cool Space Science Experiments

Candy Science Experiments:

Sweet Science Experiments To Explore And Enjoy

Crazy Crystals:

Crystal Growing Science Experiments

Botany And Biology:

Explore Living Things With These Experiments

Geology Rocks:

Dig Into Fun And Exciting Geological Experiments

Human Body:

Learn About The Human Body And How It Works

Ocean And Marine Animals:

Dive Into The Deep With These Ocean Experiments

STEM And Engineering Activities:

Design And Build Amazing Creations

Ecology Science Experiments:

Learn About The World Around You

Wacky Water Experiments:

Weird And Wonderful Water Experiments