Science Fun

Top Science Experiments For Kids

Explore our most popular and trending science experiments you can do at home. 


Lava Lamp - April 2018

Lava Lamp:

Use Density to Build a Funky Lamp

Making A Volcano - August 2014

Making A Volcano:

Acids and Bases Can Erupt in Your Faces

Orange Fizz - Feb. 2018

Orange Fizz:

Chemical Eruption in your Mouth

Dry Erase - March 2018

Dry Erase:

Draw Figures that become Animated

Storm In A Glass:

Model A Rainstorm In A Glass

Home Made Play Dough - July 2014

Home Made Play Dough:

Don’t Buy the Expensive Stuff, When You Can Make it Yourself

Snow Fluff - December 2017

Snow Fluff:

Shaving Cream + Cornstarch = Snow

Milk Art:

Paint a Pretty Design Using Milk


Snow Globe - January 2018

Snow Globe:

Craft a Decoration using Viscosity

Squishy Turkeys - November 2017

Squishy Turkeys:

Create a Turkey, Don’t Eat a Turkey

Rainbow in a Glass! - May 2017

Rainbow in a Glass:

Use Skittles to Form a Rainbow

Sizzlin' Snowballs - December 2016

Sizzlin’ Snowballs:

An Acid and a Base will Sizzle in your Face

Jello Lenses - August 2018

Jello Lenses:

Glasses Formed of Jello

Ice Fishing - July 2018

Ice Fishing:

Can’t Catch Fish, Try Your Luck at Ice

Super Cool Soda - Sept. 2017

Super Cool Soda:

Cook Up a Slushy Soda Treat

Jack-O-Cano - October 2016


Turn your Pumpkin into a Volcano

Dancing Hearts - February 2015

Dancing Hearts:

Who Knew Conversation Hearts Could be so Groovy?

Marbled Gift Wrap - December 2018

Marbled Gift Wrap:

Absorb Shaving Cream to Design Pretty Paper

Massive Expanding Soap - July 2017

Massive Expanding Soap:

Watch Soap Grow

Surface Tension Art - February 2017

Surface Tension Art:

Fashion Art out of Water, Paint, and Surface Tension

Fizzy Fruit

Fizzy Fruit:

You’ll Notice Bubbles

Rotting Pumpkin

Rotting Pumpkin:

Watch Your Pumpkin Turn To Mush

Explode A Bag

Explode A Bag:

When the Bag Can’t Hold Anymore It’ll Pop

Rotting Pumpkin

Invisible Extinguisher:

Let’s Extinguish That Candle!

Paper Hovercrafts

Paper Hovercrafts:

Paper Airplanes on the Next Level

Fun Fossil Stamps - April 2017

Fun Fossil Stamps:

Mold Clay into Your Own Prehistoric Fossil

Ping Pong - October 2018

Ping Pong:

Ping Pongs Float in Mid Air

Cool Crystals - October 2017

Cool Crystals:

Crystals made of Chilled Salt

Balloon Pop! Not! - January 2017

Balloon Pop! Not!

A needle, a balloon…no pop?

Solar Eclipse Kit - Aug. 2017

Solar Eclipse Kit:

Construct an Eclipse Box

Moldy Apples - September 2016

Moldy Apples:

What Transforms an Apple into a Moldy One?

Cool Off Volcanoes

Cool Off Volcanoes:

Volcanoes…Frozen Edition

Vinegar Pops - June 2016

Vinegar Pops:

Concoct the Most Disgusting Pops Ever

Make It Rain:

Cause the Water Cycle in a Jar

Black Light Blue Beverage - October 2015

Black Light Blue Beverage:

Mix Up a Spooky Concoction

Changing of the Leaves - September 2015

Changing of the Leaves:

Alter Green Leaves into Colorful Leaves

Snowflakes - December 2015


Pipe Cleaner Snowflakes

Egg Drop - November 2015

Egg Drop:

Will Your Egg Pass the Challenge?

Water Fireworks - July 2015

Water Fireworks:

Ooh and Ahh at a Colorful Display in a Glass of Water

The Mind of a Student - August 2015

Mind of a Student:

Compare Chemical Reactions using Film Canisters

Balloon Speakers - May 2016

Balloon Speakers:

The Cheapest Speakers in Town

Polar Bear Blubber - January 2016

Polar Bear Blubber:

Shortening, a Household Insulator

Gorgeous Gooey Gobstoppers - February 2016

Gorgeous Gooey Gobstoppers:

Watercolors have Nothin’ on Gobstoppers

Olympic Medals - August 2016

Olympic Medals:

Win Gold for Science

Dyed Flowers - May 2015

Dyed Flowers:

Make like a Florist and Dye the Petals of a Flower

Rain, Rain, Don't Go Away Gauge - April 2015

Rain, Rain, Don’t Go Away Gauge:

Assemble a Rain Gauge using a Soda Bottle

Blossoming Beans - March 2015

Blossoming Beans:

Germinate a Pinto Bean

Sun Dial - January 2015

Sun Dial:

Turn a Backyard into a Clock

Butter Fingers - November 2014

Butter Fingers:

Whip Up Homemade Butter

Polishing Pennies - September 2014

Polishing Pennies:

Oxidizing Does Wonders

Dancing Liquid - October 2014

Dancing Liquid:

Liquids Have Moves Too

Floating Egg - April 2014

Floating Egg:

Sink or Float or Both?

Bendy Bones

Bendy Bones:

A Perfect Experiment for Thanksgiving

Pot of Gold - March 2016

Pot Of Gold:

Bake a Tasty Treat

Layers of Liquids - May 2014

Layers of Liquids:

Dive into Density

Crystal Candy - March 2014

Crystal Candy:

Prepare a Beautiful and Tasty Treat