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  • Below you will find Kindergarten Science Field Trip Programs. Each program lists the Science Standard that is covered.

Virtual program experiments and activities may vary slightly -but guaranteed to be fun, engaging and meet curriculum standards.

Standards Keyrocket Motion Mania (VIRTUAL or In-School)
Let’s get the ball rolling… over, under, between, and beside; your junior scientists are in for a wild ride!
Get ready for some “Motion Mania”! Junior Scientists will have a blast experimenting to learn position and motion. Keep up if you can and get in the groove with all sorts of experimenting and gravity games!

Essential Standard: K.P.1.1, K.P.1.2: Understand the positions and motions of objects and organisms observed in the environment.


Property Party Property Party (VIRTUAL or In-School)
Put on your thinking cap and let the fun begin. Join us for a property party mystery game before growing rainbow crystals. Does it sink or float, bend or break? Dare to compare in this hands-on, inquiry-based “Property Party”!
Essential Standard: K.P.2.1, K.P.2.2: Understand how objects are described based on their physical properties and how they are used.


mini meteorology Mini Meteorology (VIRTUAL or In-School)
From summer to snow, explore the “reasons for the seasons” in this year-round observation adventure. Mini Meteorologists will chemically create a thunderstorm and make their own winter wonderland. SNOW much FUN!
Essential Standard: K.E.1.1, K.E.1.2, K.E.1.3: Understand change and observable patterns of weather that occur from day to day and throughout the year.


chameleon holding magnifying glassAnimal Detectives (VIRTUAL or In-School)
From bird feathers to mammal hair, study various animal structures and see LIVE animals. Have fun playing several animal games, learn to eat like a chameleon and chemically concoct tree sap.
Essential Standard: K.L.1.1, K.L.1.2: Compare characteristics of animals that make them alike and different from other animals and nonliving things.