Science Fun


reserve-now-buttonBelow you will find Kindergarten In-School Science Field Trip Programs. Each program lists the Science Standard that is covered.

Virtual program experiments and activities may vary slightly -but guaranteed to be fun, engaging and meet curriculum standards.

Standards Keyrocket Motion Mania (Virtual or In-School)
Jumping, running, flying, falling…get ready for some “Motion Mania”! Junior scientists will have a blast experimenting with wacky worms to learn position and motion. Keep up if you can as we launch rockets and get in the groove with all sorts of gravity games!
Essential Standard: K.P.1.1, K.P.1.2: Understand the positions and motions of objects and organisms observed in the environment.


Property Party Property Party (VIRTUAL or In-School)
Put on your thinking cap and let the fun begin. Join us for a property party scavenger hunt before growing rainbow crystals. Does it sink or float, bend or break? Dare to compare in this hands-on, inquiry based “Property Party”!
Essential Standard: K.P.2.1, K.P.2.2: Understand how objects are described based on their physical properties and how they are used.


mini meteorology Mini Meteorology (VIRTUAL or In-School)
From summer to snow, explore the “reasons for the seasons” in this year-round observation adventure. Mini Meteorologists will combine their senses to master our mystery boxes in this hands-on, weather wonderland!
Essential Standard: K.E.1.1, K.E.1.2, K.E.1.3: Understand change and observable patterns of weather that occur from day to day and throughout the year.


chameleon holding magnifying glassAnimal Detectives (VIRTUAL or In-School)
Grab your magnifying glass and compare various cute creatures and their cool characteristics. From bird beaks to mammal hair, study various animal structures. Claws are a must to survive our “crabitat”… then jump into our “Soil Safari” fun!
Essential Standard: K.L.1.1, K.L.1.2: Compare characteristics of animals that make them alike and different from other animals and nonliving things.