Science Fun

6th Grade

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  • Below you will find 6th Grade In-School Science Field Trip Programs. Each program lists the Science Essential Standard that is covered.

Standards KeyMatter Mysteries

Matter Mysteries
Discover what really MATTERS and join us on an adventure to understand properties of matter, energy, light and sounds waves. We’ll launch rockets in your classroom, go on an ice fishing excursion and more. You’ll be amazed at all the hidden rainbows we will find in your school!

Essential Standard: 6.P.1, 6.P.2, 6.P.3


Earth Rocks! (VIRTUAL and In-school Option)
emc2 trans“Get the dirt” on soil and the layers of the earth. Middle School Geologists will dig and excavate real rocks, minerals, gemstones and fossils… everything they find, they keep! After learning about the different types of rocks, we will design an earthquake simulator and see how the town you create survives.

Essential Standard: 6.E.1, 6.E.2


Plant PartyPlant Party 
Trans-plant” yourself into the wonderful world of Botany and get to the “root” of the mystery of plants. Figure out and see for yourself what plants need to survive and reproduce. During our Plant Party, we will dissect real flowers and experiment with a carbon dioxide Xplosion.

Essential Standard: 6.L.1, 6.L.2