Science Fun

2nd Grade

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Virtual program experiments and activities may vary slightly -but guaranteed to be fun, engaging and meet curriculum standards.

Standards KeyEar holding tuning fork

Sound Surprise (VIRTUAL or In-School)
“Tune in” to discover the good vibrations of sound. Make molecules bounce as you create a “duck in a cup” amplifier. Learn all about the ear… and chemically concoct slimy ear wax in this acoustic adventure.
Essential Standard: 2.P.1.1, 2.P.1.2: Understand the relationship between sound and vibrating objects.

Solids vs. Liquids (VIRTUAL or In-School)
everything matters_solid Liquid GasMelting, mixing, absorbing and freezing… join us for science that really MATTERS! Jr Scientists will make “science ice” that will “grow-n-glow”.  Even blow up a balloon without using your mouth! Experiment by mixing chemicals to see the reactions of Solids Vs Liquids.
Essential Standard: 2.P.2.1, 2.P.2.2, 2.P.2.3: Understand properties of solids and liquids and the changes they undergo.

Weather WiseWeather Wise (VIRTUAL or In-School)
Learn all about real weather instruments such as anemometers, thermometers, rain gauges and more before Jr Meteorologists construct and build their own weather station. Then watch-out as a snow blizzard takes over and we learn about the different types of precipitation.
Essential Standard: 2.E.1.1, 2.E.1.2, 2.E.1.3, 2.E.1.4: Understand patterns of weather and factors that affect weather.

Circle of Life (Virtual or In-School)
butterfly life cycleFrom birth to adult, from nymph to metamorphosis… journey through the life cycles of a variety of animals! Junior Scientists will discover how insects, reptiles, arachnids, and amphibians change and grow throughout their lives! Create a slimy-swamp frog lifecycle.
boy with catepillar_Animal Detectives Essential Standard: 2.L.1.1, 2.L.1.2, 2.L.2.1, 2.L.2.2: Understand animal life cycles and that organisms differ from or are similar to their parents based on the characteristics of the organism.