Science Fun

7th Grade

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  • Below you will find 7th Grade In-School Science Field Trip Programs. Each program lists the Science Essential Standard that is covered.

Standards KeyNewton's Workshop

Newton’s Workshop
Make a commotion-of-motion in your classroom as we explore Newton’s Laws in a fun, “hands-on” approach. We’ll even experiment with potential and kinetic energy by launching rockets, using our hands as the launch pad. Engage in a balancing act and understand how simple machines make our life easier.

Essential Standard: 7.P.1, 7.P.2


Meteorology Mania
Meteorology ManiaTravel through the water cycle as we touch real clouds and dive into the jet stream to learn more about atmospheric pressure. Students will be “shocked” as they get struck by safe lightning, make science snow GLOW and have fun forecasting during Meteorology Mania!

Essential Standard: 7.E.1


Spill Your Guts!Spill Your Guts!
Put on surgical gloves and have a hands-on look at REAL hearts, brains, eyeballs and more! See for yourself why smoking is so bad for your body. Get a close-up look to understand the structures and functions of living organisms. Make-and-take home your very own slimy animal cell.

Essential Standard: 7.L.1, 7.L.2