Science Fun

8th Grade

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  • Below you will find 8th Grade In-School Science Field Trip Programs. Each program lists the Science Essential Standard that is covered.

Radical ReactionsRadical Reactions

Radical Reactions 
Have fun as we explore the Periodic Table and mix chemicals to see Radical Reactions. Discover the difference between elements, compounds, and mixtures and blow up a balloon without using your mouth! See for yourself how important energy resources are to our environment.

Essential Standard: 8.P.1, 8.P.2


Hydro Fun & Fossils!
Hydro Fun & Fossils!Learn about the Hydrosphere and create underwater sandcastles while we experiment with science sand. Junior Geologists will gain an understanding of Earth’s geologic history as we DIG through layers of rock in your classroom.

Essential Standard: 8.E.1, 8.E.2, 8.L.4


Disease DetectivesDisease Detectives
ALERT – There’s been a Middle School OUTBREAK! Help us diagnose which students have been infected in this classroom epidemic. Have fun learning about the characteristics of viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites.

Essential Standard: 8.L.1


Biotech Benefits & GeneticsBiotech Benefits & Genetics 
Using the benefits of Biotechnology, help us solve a crime in your classroom and analyze DNA. While at the crime scene, we will learn about genetics and traits. Help us combat crime and discover more ways Biotechnology can help us daily!

Essential Standard: 8.L.2, 8.L.4


ECO EdventuresECO Edventures 
Join us as we interact with LIVE animals and see how they respond to biotic & abiotic components of their environment. Investigate the relationships of producers, consumers, and decomposers… then build your own ecosystem to take home.

Essential Standard: 8.L.3


Energy ExplorersEnergy Explorers 
Journey through a “Nutrition Mission” to uncover how food provides energy. Have a hands-on look at what 5lbs of FAT looks and feels like! Learn how Energy IN = Energy OUT and more digestive discoveries.

Essential Standard: 8.L.5