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Attention parents and young scientists, this page is still under construction but soon your young scientist will be able to further their adventures by earning badges. Check back on this page in the weeks to come, we hope to have everything running by late fall/early winter.


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A Matter Of Science


Animal Detectives


Astro Adventures


Awesome Anatomy


Berserk Balloons


Bodacious Bubbles


Body Works


Brainy Birthday


Can You Dig It


Chemical Concoctions


Circle Of Life


Crazy Crystals


Deadly Disasters


Dirty Digging


DNA Detectives


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Energy Matters


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Living Lab


Lots of Life


Magnetic Mania


Maniacal Magic


Measure Treasure


Mini Meteorology


Moon In Motion


Motion Commotion


Motion Mania

Nature’s Niche

Newton’s Lab


Our Place in Space


Outrageous Oceanography


Perilous Soda Pop


Plant Power


Property Party


Rowdy Rockets


Science Explorer


Skin N Bones


Sneaky Spy Science


Soil Rocks


Solids vs Liquids


Sound Surprise


Spectacular Space Science


Storm Chasers


Super Slime


The Real McCoy


Wacky Weather


Weather Wise


Weird Water & Loony Liquids


Wonderful Winter


You Are What You Eat