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Creekside Elementary School is our Spotlight School of the Week

Posted On: 26 Apr

Creekside Elementary School is our Spotlight School of the Week

Creekside Elementary School

GRADE: 3rd Grade
PROGRAM: Skin N Bones
Scientist: Davis Tate

I got to spend two wonderful days teaching all about systems of the body with Creekside 3rd Graders!

This trip was especially fun, because this was my second trip to Creekside this year! As Science Fun Scientists, one thing we miss out on sometimes is forming a relationship with the students that we teach. While many schools have our scientists come visit multiple times, the same scientist does not always return for multiple trips. This made it an extra special treat when I walked in to Ms. Barnes’ class and the students actually remembered my name!

We had a blast today learning all about the systems of the body in our “Skin N Bones” program. In this program we cover the skeletal system by holding real animal bones, and the circulatory system by holding real animal hearts, but my favorite system to talk about is the Nervous System!

In our discussion of the nervous system, we talk about how fast it is. I have the students raise their hand as fast as they can. Then I describe the steps that your brain has to go through just to raise your hand. We talk about how your brain has to translate the sounds that my voice makes to follow the directions, then it has to remember the meaning of each word (what is a hand, what does it mean to raise, which way is up!?!?). Then your brain even has to remember how to raise your hand, and it all happens in the blink of an eye!!! It’s really incredible. Another thought that is fun to ponder: The brain is the only organ to name itself . . . CRAZY!!!

I had so much fun with the 3rd graders at Creekside! Thanks everyone!!!!

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