Science Fun

Lillington-Shawton Elementary School

Posted On: 21 Mar

Lillington-Shawton Elementary School is our Spotlight School of the Week


GRADE: 1st
PROGRAM: Weather Wise
Scientist: Amber Oliver

Weather Wise is one of my favorite programs now! The students get an opportunity to see weather tools in action. The staff at Lillington-Shawton always makes me feel so welcome, I am always greeted so warmly. The students at Lillington-Shawton are very polite and respectful, it speaks volumes about the values that are being taught at the school. The students enjoyed experimenting with the tornado tubes and watching all of the glitter swirl inside the bottle’s vortex. Something memorable about the visit to Lillington-Shawton was Lauren she was a sweet and intelligent student who stated that “she wanted to be a scientist and can’t wait to grow up and conduct experiments on her own.”

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