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Gentry Primary School is our Spotlight School of the Week

Posted On: 23 Feb

Gentry Primary School is our Spotlight School of the Week

Gentry Primary School

GRADE: 1st
PROGRAM: Living Lab
Scientist: Karla Johnson

The morning started out very grey and rainy, but as soon as I got to Gentry Primary School my day got brighter! I loved seeing each child’s face light up when they entered the room as they laid eyes on the activities I had in store for them that were set up on the table. We started out by learning about animals, my favorite subject! As a zoologist, I really enjoyed answering all the great questions the junior scientists had about the cute creatures I had brought in for them!

All the scientist were very respectful to the animals and even had the chance to get up close and personal with a few of our scariest creatures! We had Timmy, the ball python, slithering around in his cage, while the students looked through real owl pellets! The scientist put on their detective hats and found out what their owl ate just by searching through it’s pellets. An owl pellet is kind of like a cat’s hairball because the owl can’t digest certain things like fur and bones! After looking at some creatures, the scientist got to build their very own habitat and even got a pet worm to take home with them!

I think my favorite part was hearing all the cute names the scientists gave their worms! I had so much fun and I can’t wait to visit Gentry Primary School again!

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