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Fox Road Magnet Elementary School is our Spotlight School of the Week

Posted On: 7 Dec

SCHOOL: Fox Road Magnet Elementary

Fox Road Magnet Elementary School

GRADE: 3rd
PROGRAM: Skin N Bones
Scientist: Maddie O’Beirne

3rd Grade – Skin N Bones

Hello everyone! My name is scientist Maddie. This past Wednesday, I had the privilege of going to Fox Road Elementary. I had never been to this school before, but I was greeted by very friendly office staff who seemed really excited to see me! They showed me exactly how to get to my classroom. The program I taught on Wednesday was Skin N Bones, where the 3rd grade junior scientists get to be physiologists for the day and study the human body. All 4 classes that I had were phenomenal because they had never seen a scientist from Science Fun For Everyone before! I felt the pressure to show them a good time, and they had a really great time. Between spreading “germs” through glow powder, testing our reflexes with reflex hammers, to looking at real organs and bones, the scientists had a lot of fun. I would have to say Fox Road was the first school where every scientist LOVED holding the animal organs and bones. I tend to get a few scientists that are grossed out, but this group of 3rd graders were so brave. Probably a lot more brave than I was at that age. All four groups of 3rd grade scientists asked amazing questions that even stumped me at times, and we all learned that the skin is the largest human organ! We finished our in-school field trip by making a fully labeled skull puppet the scientists got to take home with them. Also, the teachers who came in each class were helpful and participated in all of the experiments. This helps the students stay engaged and interested in the topic we are talking about, which makes our job a lot more fun. Thank you to all the teachers that made our time learning about the different systems of the human body so much fun! I’ll be sure to look forward to seeing those same scientists again in the near future. Thank you for a great experience Fox Road, and I can’t wait to be back again. Lastly, there was a very cute red-eared slider turtle in the front office that I made friends with. I think his name was Tommy, but we only met briefly. I guess I will just have to go back again to see him and our other scientist friends at Fox Road Magnet Elementary!

-Scientist Maddie

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