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Baucom Elementary is our Spotlight School of the week

Posted On: 24 Feb

SCHOOL: Baucom Elementary

GRADE LEVEL: 3rdSpotlight-School-baucom
PROGRAM: Plant Power
INSTRUCTOR: Christine Martin
Scientist Christine’s Experience:

Our minds grew today while experiencing and experimenting with “Plant Power” at Baucom Elementary. The third graders weren’t the only ones to seem to have a growth spurt today because the grass we grew appears to have the right beginnings to something extraordinary. Why are the grass seeds off to a fresh start? Well, that’s because we made sure to start the grass seeds out with the four things that all plants need to survive: water, sunlight, space, and air (carbon dioxide that is). The budding botanist used pipettes to give the plant water. Check! We discussed how when they arrived at home to put the grass in a sunny area, like a windowsill, to get the energy that they need to so the grass can start making its own food. Check! We used a cup that we transformed into a “Plant Pal” using sticker eyes and nose to be the plant’s space. Check! Lastly, we discussed the importance of the grass getting the carbon dioxide that it needs to survive. That’s one of the great thing about plants that they give us the oxygen that we need, and we give them the carbon dioxide that they need. Check! In four or five days those grass seeds should start to germinate. Hooray!

The third grade botanist were so engaged it seemed like they had planted roots in their seats. It’s great seeing classes throughout the days who are very involved with the program. Like asking questions, answering questions, and really being invested in the experiments. That’s what I saw from my classes at Baucom Elementary. One example of proof was that I was feeling like a sick lemon that day. What do you give sick lemon? Lemon-aid. Haha! And that’s exactly what these classes did for me. Even though I felt a little under the weather, the botanist made me feel like a rose stretching for the sun. Thanks botanist for making what seemed like a gloomy day into a bright one!

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