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– JUST ANNOUNCED – Camp CREATE! Middle School Camps

Posted On: 13 May

2015-04-06 16.18.26This is a camp for Middle Schoolers (6th – 8th Grades). Every week will be a whole new experience, because the campers get to create the week!

We will have some predesigned awesome activities such as:

  • Building their own computer lab (using some amazing new micro computers)!
  • Creating with brand new robotics system kits, used nowhere else in the United States!
  • Get to be the Science Instructor (Lead a science activity over in our elementary camp)!


Then comes the camp CREATE portion. They’re getting older, so the world is starting to ask them to make more important choices.


We will allow the junior scientists to pick from our vast supply of activities and experiments.

They work together to design the week. No two weeks will be the same, but we know they will be AWESOME!

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*Small class sizes, so very limited seats.

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