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SciFun Camps @ Defy Apex

SFFE is partnering with Defy Apex

Your child’s summer could include three great weeks of science and jumping! Campers will be with our ScienceFun staff experimenting in our traveling lab and also bouncing in the trampoline park. What a great mix of both worlds!
  • All in one location @Defy Apex (1275 Haddon Hall Dr, Apex, NC 27502)
  • 1 hour of bounce time everyday from 1-2pm
  • Science Fun For Everyone! Staffed
  • Lots and lots of Science Fun!
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    Science is Magic! & Wide World of Science

    Science is Magic! & Wide World of Science
    Full Day: (9:30-4:30)

    Dates: June 24th – June 28th (Track 1)[Camp Full]
    Science is Magic!

    What’s the difference between a magician and a scientist? A scientist ALWAYS reveals their tricks! This week, we’ll learn some awesome illusions and magnificent magic as we see how science creates some of the most mind-blowing magic you’ve ever seen! By the time we’re finished we think you’ll agree, Science is Magic!

    Wide World of Science

    Update your passports and pack your bags for this scientific globe-hopping trip! We’ll be jet-setting across the continents learning some of the most amazing feats of science from around the world! We’ll see the coolest, grossest, and craziest science experiments our planet has to offer in this incredible Wide World of Science!

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    Fizz, Bang, POP! & Gooey Green Science

    Fizz, Bang, POP! & Gooey Green Science
    Full Day: (9:30-4:30)

    Dates: July 15th -July 19th (Track 4)[Camp Full]
    Fizz, Bang, POP!

    Who really lives in a pineapple under the sea? You can say Wingardium Leviosa all you want, but can you really make things levitate? Do the science experiments in all those YouTube videos EVER EVEN WORK?!?! This week, we’re looking to find out, as we explore the science behind some of pop culture’s greatest hits!

    Gooey Green Science

    Put on your safety goggles and lab coat as we experiment with our clean-green science powers! Build solar powered machines, explore renewable energy, and learn all about what awesome wonders lie beneath the earth. Find out all the earth provides, and how to help make our planet a better place in this ooey-gooey, eco-friendly camp!

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    Mix It Up! & Future Science

    Mix It Up! & Future Science
    Full Day: (9:30-4:30)

    Dates: August 12th – August 16th (Track 3)[Camp Full]
    Mix It Up!

    What’s that sound coming from the backyard!? The ground rumbles, the earth shakes! A wave of slimy sudsy lava comes rolling through the back door! It’s a volcano!!!! This could be your weekend after a week of Mixing it Up with ScienceFun! We’ll take the chemicals lying around your house and use them to make awesome reactions, super slimes, and of course a VOLCANO!!!!

    Future Science

    Greetings humans of the past! We’ve come from the future to show you some of the amazing technology that lies just beyond your horizons. We will help you understand the amazing future technology coming your way with cool experiments that give you an inkling of what is to come. See you in the Future!!!

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    Science Fun @ Defy Apex

  • 6/24 – 6/28: Science is Magic & Wide World of Science: (Track 1)[Camp Full]
  • 7/15 – 7/19: Fizz Bang POP! & Gooey Green Science: (Track 4)[Camp Full]
  • 8/12 – 8/16: Mix It Up & Future of Science: (Track 3)[Camp Full]

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