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reserve-now-button Transform your Preschool into a Sizzlin’ Science Laboratory and turn your students on to science! Are you a camp director looking for a program for your “school-agers”?  If so, click here.

No Bus, No Fuss!

Have Science FUN For Everyone bring all of the supplies for a 40 minute, interactive science adventure, guaranteed to get your students excited! All of our programs are:
  • Safe,
  • Age Appropriate (3 and up)
  • Provide certificates for each child
  • and include a “make and take-home” experiment!


*SUMMER SPECIAL* Only $199 for the first session/class (up to 22 students) and $60 for each additional session/class of the same program. This SUMMER SPECIAL in only available from June 1st through August 31st The cost for each program during the school year (Sep-May) is only $250 for the first session/class (up to 22 students) and $60 for each additional session/class of the same program, each visit. The total amount will need to be paid the day of the program after the completion of the last program. We will send our scientist with a credit card reader if that is your desired way to pay. When you reserve 10 programs in 10 months, your 11th program is free! Choose from the programs below. Call or reserve online today to secure your date. $420 daily minimum may apply to schools over 40 miles.
Chemical Concoctions

Put on your safety goggles and join us for some chemistry craziness! We'll mix it up in this bubbly, foamy, and slimy exploration of amazing Chemical Reactions!
Buggy Biology

Become an aspiring Entomologist with our coolest crawling activities yet! Have you ever seen through the eyes of a fly or made friends with a spider? We'll make create-n-keep compost cups and more in our Buggy Biology program!
Wacky Weather

Explore what makes lightening flash, and even taste a cloud! Mini meteorologists will grow some never-melting snow and spin tornadoes in our "shockingly" fun Weather Wonders Program!
Ocean AdvenShores

Dive into some amazing beachside science! We'll comb the shores and search for some spectacular seashells before building "Crabitats" for some real live hermit crabs!
Cosmic Quest

3, 2, 1, BLAST OFF . . . Into an amazing exploration to discover what makes space so spectacular! We'll launch water rockets, learn how stars can make pictures, and we may even taste some real astronaut food in the Cosmic Quest!
Radical Rainbows

Colors, colors, everywhere! Be amazed at the hidden rainbows in your classroom and grow some amazing multi-colored crystals. Wind down with some Ultra Violet color creations!
Amazing Animal Adaptations

How does a chameleon change the color of its skin? Why do some birds have different beaks than others? What does a snake feel like? All these questions and more will be answered in this wild program!
Mini Medics

Mini Medics will get to put on real surgical gloves as we journey through the systems of the human body. Get a chance to explore REAL animal bones, see a heart and even a brain! Chemically create your own gooey veins and arteries to take home on this anatomical adventure!
Magnetic Mysteries

Discover the power of unseen forces. Chemically concoct a batch of magnetic detecting slime to attract, repel, push and pull in this very "attractive" program.
Rockin' Out!

Get "the dirt" on Earth materials in this geologic journey! Pan for real rocks, minerals and gemstones. We'll perform geologist test and even keep whatever you find!
Movin' and Groovin'

Catch a notion of motion in this tug-a-war of forces. Experiment with mini rockets and get the 411 on balance as junior physicists attempt to defeat gravity!
We look forward to visiting your Preschool soon! Science Fun For Everyone … helping to develop the future scientists of the world.  Serving Cary, Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, RDU, the Triangle area and Beyond!

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