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  carolina-county-map-visited-3Finally! An In-School science field trip, meeting all Guilford County field trip criteria! It’s about time! In the past, it has been very difficult for Guilford County public school teachers to take advantage of the same in-school, hands-on, FUN, science field trips that the rest of the North Carolina teachers have had access to. We have made it a point of focus to ensure that Science Fun For Everyone’s in-school field trips meet all of the criteria… If you’d like to skip to the fun stuff, click here, otherwise, continue reading for the fine points.
Guilford County Criteria for Field Trips
Teachers, principals, and administrators shall consider the following criteria in planning and approving field trips. The field trip should:
  • Relate to a particular aspect of the ongoing classroom instruction and the standard curriculum of the school system. All Science Fun Field Trips directly align with grade specific essential standards.
  • Afford a meaningful learning experience which cannot be provided in the school setting. We transform your classroom into a science laboratory where students get to experiment using tools and supplies not normally available to public school students. (Catapults, Water Rockets, Van de Graff generators, Volcanoes, etc.)
  • Provide activities suitable to the age level of the students. Be reasonable in terms of length of trip, duration, distance traveled, and cost. All programs are grade specific, designed to be age appropriate. The distance travelled is ZERO, as we set up in your classroom. The cost is very affordable ($8.50/student). The duration is 75 minutes: long enough to dive deep into the content and experience, but not too long to lose the educational focus of the program.
  • Provide assurances that no student is denied the opportunity to participate because of an inability to pay expenses associated with the cost of the field trip. This is up to each individual school to ensure, either by collecting slightly more per child to cover the cost of those who cannot afford it or to use funds from PTA/PTO. However, Science Fun For Everyone can help by providing 1 free scholarship per class.
  • Provide for inclusion of children with disabilities and chronic illnesses. Chronic illnesses or conditions are defined as any physical or mental condition requiring long-term monitoring and/or management to control symptoms. Examples include, but are not limited to, diabetes, asthma, seizures, anxiety, depression, and severe allergies All of our programs are designed to ensure inclusion of all students regardless of physical or mental conditions (meeting the above criteria).
Why did Science Fun For Everyone visit over 300 schools in North Carolina last year?
We transform your classroom into a hands on, science laboratory and bring all supplies, set up, conduct the experiments and clean up when we’re finished! Why should you choose Science Fun for Everyone!? Take a look:
  • Our Scientists have a degree in either Education or Science. No worrying about classroom management or content.
  • You can qualify to get professional development credit as you enjoy the program!
  • We come to you! No packing medication, lunches, waiting on school buses, or managing your groups in a large area.
  • All programs meet and exceed the NC Essential Standards and Common Core, so you can easily write and justify them into your lesson plans.
  • You get a happy class that is excited and motivated to do science!

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