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Princeton Elementary School is our Spotlight School of the Week

Posted On: 14 Dec

SCHOOL: Princeton Elementary

Princeton Elementary School

GRADE: Kindergarten
PROGRAM: Animal Detectives
Scientist: Amber Oliver

Kindergarten – Animal Detectives

I always have loved teaching at the rural schools in North Carolina. Princeton Elementary is by far the nicest and most friendly school that I have visited this year. As soon as I entered the doors I was greeted by the most friendliest staff, including the school Receptionist “Princess” who was very stylish to say the least. I enjoyed speaking with them about my science background and about how much the children meant to me. I also enjoyed making the science lab (room 318) my temporary home away from home and the custodial staff came in frequently to make sure that I had everything I needed to be successful.

I have never experienced a more enthusiastic group of students, but more impressively an exceptionally interested group of educators. Each teacher was more than happy to help pass things out, participate in the activities, and even willing to touch the animals. I have always believed that there is a difference between a teacher and an educator and Princeton Elementary Kindergarten Educators are simply the best. I hope I get to see them again soon.

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