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Vandora Springs Elementary is our Spotlight School of the Week

Posted On: 16 Oct

SCHOOL: Vandora Springs Elementary School

GRADE: 3rd
PROGRAM: Skin n Bones
Scientist: Craig

3rd Grade Skin n Bones

The end of the week was in sight and I was on my way to Vandora Springs in Garner. I was extremely lucky to be able to finish off the week here. What an exciting group of students to walk in the building to! By the way, your new building and school looks awesome.

I was greeted in office by your friendly staff and they quickly directed me to the room I would be teaching in the rest of the day. I’m always so appreciative when the schools put us up in one room, it makes for a much easier transition between classes. Today’s sessions would be all about the human body and more specifically about the skeletal and nervous system.

To my surprise, the first class walked in with all sorts of skeleton costumes and doctor outfits. I knew they were ready for a great time! We generally start the program discussing the largest organ in the human body that does a lot of protecting and every single one of my classes had several hands shoot up with the correct answer, skin. Way to go teachers! The students were really excited to spread some fake germs to their classmates and then inspect where they have gone and how they have spread. It’s a good thing they all admitted to excellent hygiene and hand washing when it comes to the real germs!

We then move onto discussing the nervous system and it’s part in protecting the body from harm and how we use reflexes to respond to a stimulus. The students get a huge kick out of the reflex sticks and watching the fastest of the students miss grabbing the stick as I try and distract them.

My favorite part of the program by far is when they get to observe the animal bones, joints, and organs. When I first start explaining, I hear a lot of, “gross” and “eew”, but we quickly change their mindset into “cool” and “awesome”. It’s always so fascinating watching their eyes light up with amazement in having that opportunity to handle these things. They most popular one has to be the moving knee joint from the cow.

Thank you Vandora Springs 3rd grade for an amazing Friday! You guys were excellent and the costumes were great. I can’t wait to see you guys again soon!

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