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Clement Elementary is our Spotlight School of the week

Posted On: 19 Apr

SCHOOL: Clement Elementary


GRADE: 5th
PROGRAM: Storm Chasers
Scientist: Heather

I experienced some intense winds, extreme pressure changes, and shocking lightning at Clement Elementary on Wednesday as I explored weather with the 5th graders in our “Storm Chasers” program!

The students had just finished studying weather, and I could tell they knew all about it from the questions they asked and the answers they gave me! It’s always fun to visit classes at the end of the unit and really see them apply what they’ve learned to the experiments and connect everything together!

Storm Chasers is one of my favorite programs, because it starts with a “shocking” lightning experiment! After seeing some bigger bolts of lightening, we used a slightly larger than normal bulb to actually experience some weak lightening! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed striking their classmates with mini lightening bolts!

I also amazed a rapt audience when I showed them I was not only the coolest scientist, but also a magician!!!! Just kidding, I am just a scientist with some tricks up my sleeve! We all practiced using telekinesis (aka pressure!) to move a diver through a bottle of water! I definitely tricked a few students, and I hope a few of them were able to trick family and friends when they got home!

From lightening to clouds to tornados, and lots more in between, I had a great day at Clement! I hope to visit again soon!

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