Science Fun

Lynn Road Elementary is our Spotlight School of the week

Posted On: 28 Mar

SCHOOL: Lynn Road


GRADE: 5th
PROGRAM: Storm Chasers
Scientist: Christine

I love my job! Who wouldn’t? Teaching kids science! What’s not to love? I didn’t think I could love my job more until, I visited Lynn Road Elementary on Monday. Why? It was a first time school for Science Fun for Everyone! I love going to first time schools. The junior scientists, not to mention the teachers, have no idea what to expect, and when they get to see that volcano explode, that hair stand up on end, or that water rocket launch for the first time, it is pure magic. This time, for this program, “Storm Chasers”, it was touching the plasma ball using a tesla coil. They literally were electrified. What? Yes, they touched electricity that discharged from the bulb to their fingers. What did it look like? Like purple streaks of mini lightning. One lucky student from each class, even got to create a closed circuit with me. How? The student touched the plasma ball with one hand and the skinny light bulb with the other; while I held onto the tesla coil and held the skinny light bulb as well. The circuit allowed the electricity to flow as a current, then allowing the skinny light bulb to turn on. How en”light”ening!

I received so many “thank you”s from this appreciative and polite group of 5th graders. Additionally, from the supportive and engaged teachers. What a great time we all had learning about Meteorology.

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