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Durant Road Elementary is our Spotlight School of the week

Posted On: 13 Mar

SCHOOL: Durant Road Elementary


GRADE: 2nd
PROGRAM: Weather Wise
Scientist: Aaron

This week, I had the pleasure of going to Durant Road Elementary School to talk to the second graders there about weather! We all became junior meteorologists and worked through a program called Weather Wise and had a blast doing so.

As soon as I walked into my first class at Durant Road, I could sense the excitement amongst the students, and as I began to teach, it was evident that they had gone through their weather unit thoroughly! All the questions I asked were answered without a problem; questions dealing with thunderstorms, clouds, and even tools to measure weather. These junior scientists did so well!
After we discussed weather measuring and why we want to measure weather, we had the opportunity to make our very own weather station! This weather station was able to be taken home so that the junior scientists could measure different aspects of weather at home!

Throughout the entire program, I was excited to see the amazement that the children showed towards the various weather activities I had brought for them to experiment with. They loved every bit of it and I cannot wait to go back to teach the second grade at Durant Road!

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