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Thales Academy is our Spotlight School of the week

Posted On: 22 Nov

SCHOOL: Thales Academy

GRADE LEVEL: 3rd Gradespotlight-school-thales
PROGRAM: A Matter of Science
Scientist: Heather Fisher

I taught A LOT of “A Matter of Science” last week, but my favorite day was Halloween at Hogwarts. I mean Thales Academy in Apex, of course! I always love going into the schools on the silliest holiday of the year and seeing all of the students dressed up in their costumes, and boy were there a lot of wizards this year! Scientist Kristin joined me for the morning, and naturally, we were both dressed as scientists!

“A Matter of Science” seemed extra appropriate for Halloween, as sometimes phase changes can seem almost like magic, but it’s all about those molecules! I’m sure by the end of the day, full of candy and sugar, everyone was acting like gas molecules, running around with lots of energy! (I’m also sure parents and teachers were happy when their energy levels got closer to sleepy, still, solid molecules!) We mixed chemicals to create a gas that resulted in some (very safe) explosions and then concocted a bright pink potion that DISAPPEARED before our eyes! And while we didn’t bring in any candy, we did get to change some chocolate milk into chocolate ice cream to enjoy at the end. It was Halloween after all, and I knew everyone needed a little extra sugar!

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