Science Fun

Wake Forest Charter Academy is our Spotlight School of the week

Posted On: 18 Nov

SCHOOL: Wake Forest Charter Academy

GRADE LEVEL: 3rdSpotlight-School-wake-forest-charter
PROGRAM: A Matter of Science
INSTRUCTOR: Christine Martin
Scientist Christine’s Experience:

Solids, liquids, gases, oh my! The adventures we took today at Wake Forest Charter Academy were solid as a rock. We flowed freely as we made disappearing ink. And it felt like we were on cloud nine when we made ziploc bags fill up with gas by mixing together an acid and a base.

I had never been to Wake Forest Charter Academy before. Actually, to my understanding, Science Fun For Everyone! (SFFE) been here before either. How did they learn about us? We have to thank third grade teacher, Mrs. Chelemer for that positive endorsement. She recently had been a first grade teacher at another school that we visit, and when the third grade team at Wake Forest were brainstorming to do for a field trip, she suggested SFFE. Hooray! It’s great to hear that we are a memorable part of a teacher’s school year.

It was a great school and the students and teachers were excited to have us! Of course, I was excited to be there as well! Hope to visit this school again soon!

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