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Warrenwood Elementary is our Spotlight School of the week

Posted On: 5 May

SCHOOL: Warrenwood Elementary

GRADE LEVEL: Kindergarten
PROGRAM: Animal Detectives
INSTRUCTOR: Christine Martin
Scientist Christine’s Experience:

Science Fun For Everyone! visited Warrenwood Elementary’s kindergarten for the first time today! I just love going to a brand new school, it was terrific! The Junior Zoologist, all the teachers, and I had a roar of a time studying different types of animals. We explored different parts of our in class zoo by discovering more about birds, amphibians, bugs, reptiles, and mammals. We even got to see some real animals! Lions, tigers, and bears, oh my! Just kidding, we did not see those three, but we did see…toads, worms, and snakes, oh my!

The most memorable part of today was seeing the junior zoologist answer this question:
Scientist Christine: Now, let’s go visit the mammals section of the zoo. This time I didn’t bring in any animals for this because I knew there would be plenty right here when I got here. Do you know what they are?

Junior Zoologists: …

Junior Zoologist 1: Pigs?

Scientist Christine: No, not pigs. I’ll give you a hint, there are twenty-two of them in here right now.

Junior Zoologist 2: People?

Scientist Christine: Yes!

The Junior Zoologist were amazed. They had never thought of people as animals. It was great to see their faces when they realized the answer.

Hope to come back to this school soon and make some more lasting memories!

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