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Rand Road Elementary is our Spotlight School of the week

Posted On: 16 Feb

SCHOOL: Rand Road Elementary

PROGRAM: Soil Rocks
Scientist Seth’s Experience:

This week I had the pleasure of teaching 1st graders at Rand Road Elementary school. Having fun with all the bright young scientists at this wonderful school was a real blast. Our program was dealing with soil and rocks, and every group I had was eager to become geologists for the day.

Each group of students brought a lot of energy to the experiments. Every session asked really intriguing questions, and we would discuss the answers as a class. After we learned about soil in the beginning of the session students were given their own Soil Safari to study. The students were really excited to see earthworms in their safari, and everyone was very gentle with them. I don’t think I heard a single “EWWW!” from anyone all day, but I definitely heard “Ahhh Cool!” a number of times; which always makes me happy.
After that we started to explore our rocks and minerals, and it seemed to me that the students enjoyed mining for their gems the most. We turned the lights off and used our headlamps to help us find different types of rocks and minerals in our mining pans. Students did a great job classifying what they found. It was really fun to watch everyone share what they found as well. Every session I had really did a great job of not only following the directions but also cooperating with each other. It really makes me a happy instructor to see students eager to share their new found treasures with their fellow classmates, and Rand Road Elementary was filled with such students.

I can’t convey enough how much fun I had with each class at Rand Road. They are truly producing some very bright young scientists, and I can’t wait to come back. Keep exploring my friends, and remember soil rocks and so do you!

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