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Grove Park Elementary is our Spotlight School of the Week

Posted On: 9 Dec

SCHOOL: Grove Park Elementary

GRADE LEVEL: 5thSpotlight-School-middle-creek
PROGRAM: Storm Chasers
INSTRUCTOR: Scientist Christine
Scientist Christine’s Experience:

Did I have a new experience today? Oh, yes! I had the pleasure to visit a school I had never visited before, Grove Park in Burlington, North Carolina. I have to say, I had a FANTASTIC time! I spent my day with the 5th grades of this school. Even though it was a LOW PRESSURE and therefore, CLOUDY day, we had a electrifying day filled with anemometers, vortexes, and of course electricity. We not only made a cloud in the classroom, but we also made safe lighting strike the ends of our fingers.

I can tell these 5th graders knew their facts about weather. They knew about different types of clouds like cumulus, cirrus, and stratus. They also knew what the purpose of an anemometer was, to measure winds speeds. Oh, and believe or not, these 5th graders knew what convection meant and how to explain it. Wow! Hats off, or should I say, umbrellas off to these young scientific minds.

On my departure from the school, I recognized many of the 5th graders. Not only were they fantastic meteorologist, but many of them were on the safety patrol team. Terrific!

Looking forward to my next visit to Grove Park!

See you future meteorologists on the Weather Channel!

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