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Highcroft Drive Elementary is our Spotlight School of the Week

Posted On: 26 Nov

SCHOOL: Highcroft Drive Elementary

GRADE LEVEL: Thirdwest clayton-spot
PROGRAM: A Matter of Science
INSTRUCTOR: Scientist Davis
Scientist Davis’ Experience:

I spent the end of the week this week with the third graders at Highcroft Drive Elementary, learning about Matter. We spoke about the three main phases of matter and how each was different than the other. I was impressed with how much the students already knew about matter! We talked about how many solids can be changed into a liquid by adding energy to the solid’s molecules in the form of heat. We then learned how removing that energy from the liquid could then return it to its solid phase. To demonstrate this idea, we turned milk and cream into ICE CREAM!

This program is one of many that fully lives up to the promises of Science Fun For Everyone. While making ice cream is of course exciting and fun, it can be a truly educational experience as well. In the ten to fifteen minutes it takes to explain how to make ice cream, and to actually freeze the ingredients, we cover many important aspects of the science at work! We talk about how the milk and cream give their energy to the ice to allow it to melt, which in turn freezes the liquids. The students also feel how the cold ice takes energy from their hands and learn that we experience this as cold. After the ice cream is frozen, we then can move on to talking about insulation. Students learn that their coats and jackets don’t keep them warm because the clothing is producing heat, but because the person wearing them is producing heat. In this way, a jacket could be used to keep a snow ball from melting!

It’s such a rewarding experience as an educator to see these moments of excitement coincide with moments of learning, and is what makes this job so great!

Thanks Highcroft Drive Third Graders!

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