Science Fun

2020 Science Camps

Due to the pace of our programs, we require that all campers have at least started Kindergarten before the start of their camp.

All Week-long and Single Day Cary Camps are held at:
Science Fun For Everyone!
111 James Jackson Ave # 107
Cary, NC 27513

Remaining Dates and Themes:

  • 8/10 – 8/14: Cosmic Quest & Make a Splash! (2 spots remaining)
  • More Camps coming soon!  Our target date is August 31st 

Science Fun For Everyone has redesigned our 2020 Science camps to comply with local, state, and CDC guidelines to provide a safe and fun experience for campers.  

ScienceFun is a longstanding family favorite for summer enrichment. While camp will operate a little differently this year to ensure camper and scientist health and safety, we PROMISE it will be fun, creative, educational, and memorable!

What will stay the same at Science Camp this summer?

  • Our Science Camp hours will remain the same: 9:30am – 4:30pm

Before-Camp Care: 8:30am – 9:30am (additional sign-up required)
After-Camp Care: 4:30pm – 5:30pm (additional sign- up required)

  • Same great caring and professional fun Scientists
  • Same great experiments, fun activities and games
  • Daily emails to the parents to keep you updated on each day’s activities
  • Fun take-home experiments (please let us know in advance if you would NOT like your child to take-home their experiments/activities)
  • And many of the same great camp experiences that makes our camp a family favorite!

What will be different at Science Camp this summer?

  • Our camp sizes will be smaller
  • Increased cleaning and sanitation throughout the day
  • Children will be required to wash their hands more frequently
  • Face masks for the staff and increased hand sanitation stations
  • We will have a carpool drop-off and pick-up area- Please be patient with us on this as we are trying something new.
  • Social distancing reminders and smaller groups
  • Professional cleaning service -provided by Environment Control, every evening after the campers leave
  • More outdoor activities, including snack and lunchtime (weather permitting)
  • Campers will remain with the same camp staff for the entire week
  • Health screenings will take place each day
  • Anyone showing signs of illness of any kind will not be admitted to the camp.

What to Bring?
A backpack or bag with:
-a mask for your child(ren)   
-a non-refrigerated lunch (pizza lunch for purchase is also available)
-bottled water or a water bottle
-a beach towel for snack and lunch seating
Please label all items. Please apply sunscreen prior to camp. 

Carpool will be new and necessary to minimize the intermingling of groups and allow for social distancing. We ask for your patience as new protocols may extend drop-off and pick-up times.   Adults and siblings must remain in the car and are asked not to enter camp spaces.

Carpool morning drop-off will be 9:15am – 9:45am
Carpool afternoon pick-up will be  at 4:15pm – 4:45pm

If you arrive outside of these times, just ring the doorbell and we will meet you at the door.  Before-Care and After-Care: we will meet you in the front of the camp lobby entrance

All ScienceFun families must comply with the following protocols to create a safe camp environment this summer. These protocols may change as local, state, and CDC guidelines are revised. 

  • Parents will be asked to answer health screening questions about campers each day
  • Campers and staff will engage in increased handwashing and use of hand sanitizer upon arrival, departure, before and after eating, before and after bathroom use, and between activities. 
  • Campers will learn how to social distance in all camp spaces and we will do our best to make this fun!

ScienceFun requires staff and campers to meet health screening criteria in order to ensure a safe camp experience. Please review the requirements below to ensure that your child is eligible to participate before registering and prior to attending. 

Eligible to Participate 
No symptoms of COVID-19.
No travel to/from high-risk areas as defined by the CDC.
No prolonged contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19. 

Ineligible to Participate 
Showing symptoms of COVID-19. 
Living in a household with someone diagnosed with, showing symptoms of, or confirmed exposure to COVID-19. 
Traveled to/from high-risk areas as defined by the CDC. 

Campers who show any signs of illness or fever during the camp day will need to be picked up immediately. Siblings will also be required to leave camp for the day.  Campers and siblings may return to camp only after being fever-free and symptom-free for three days without medicine. 

ScienceFun is so excited and can’t wait to provide a fun and educational camp experience for your child!  We appreciate your patience, flexibility, and graciousness as we have made adjustments over the past few months and as we continue to do so throughout the summer.  Our Science Camp will run smoothly with Health, Safety and Fun as our top priorities.  

Science Fun For Everyone has suffered a huge financial hit from the closures and changes. Your support will help us bounce back better than ever! Thank you

Explore our various camp themes:

Medical Marvels & Mysteries of the Microscopic

Full Day: (9:30-4:30)
Half Day: AM Camp 9:30-12:30 / PM Camp 1:30-4:30
Dates: July 27th – July 31st

Medical Marvels AM (9:30 – 12:30)

Put on your surgical gloves and join us for some “Medical Mania”. Your mini MD will examine real hearts, brains, and eyeballs. How strong are our bones? Is our blood really blue? Discover these answers and more as we investigate and solve all sorts of medical mysteries during this E.R. experience!

Mysteries of the Microscopic
PM (1:30 – 4:30)

Whether too fast, too slow, or too small . . . the universe is filled with things that escape our attention. From microscopic organisms to invisible forces, each morning we’ll attempt to take a look at phenomena that lie just beyond perception in our Mysteries of the Microscopic camp!

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Electrifying Adventures & Exploration of America

Full Day: (9:30-4:30)
Half Day: AM Camp 9:30-12:30 / PM Camp 1:30-4:30
July 6th – July 10th (Track 4)
Aug. 3rd – Aug. 7th (Track 3)

Electrifying Adventures AM (9:30 – 12:30)

Get ready for a jolt of excitement in this week’s Electrifying Adventures Camp! Junior Scientists will be “shocked” as we unleash the power (in a safe way). Exploring all things electricity, from lightning bolts to radio waves, join us for discoveries guaranteed to create a hair-raising experience!

Exploration of America
PM (1:30 – 4:30)

Ohhhh saaay can you seeeeee, an awesome week of science camp!!! This week, we’ll focus on some of our nation’s natural wonders as we tour the varied splendors of the National Park System! We’ll study fossils from the Badlands, and learn how wolves changed the rivers in Yellowstone. Put on your hiking boots, because we’re making our way around the United States of Science!

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Cosmic Quest & Make a Splash!

Full Day: (9:30-4:30)
Half Day: AM Camp 9:30-12:30 / PM Camp 1:30-4:30
July 13th – July 17th
Aug. 10th – Aug. 14th

Cosmic Quest AM (9:30 – 12:30)

Visors are down. Astronauts are secure. Begin ignition sequence. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Blast Off!!! The Shuttle has cleared the tower and we are ready to begin our journey to the stars! This week we’ll see what it takes to soar through outer space! What will we see? What new discoveries will find? To find out, join our team, this week on our Cosmic Quest!

Make a Splash!
PM (1:30 – 4:30)

What chemical is a major component of Acid Rain, a major contributor to erosion and the greenhouse effect, is deadly if too much OR too little is consumed, and is known to dissolve many solids in mere seconds?!? WATER of course! Water is one of the most abundant chemicals on Earth and is simultaneously the most important and one of the most deadly chemicals known to human kind! Join us for a week of wacky and wet wonders as we explore the wonderful world of water! You WILL get wet, you may get SOAKED as we work together to Make a Splash!

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Sizzlin’ Science & Extreme Earth

Full Day: (9:30-4:30)
Half Day: AM Camp 9:30-12:30 / PM Camp 1:30-4:30
Dates: June 15th – June 19th
July 20th – July 24th

Sizzlin’ Science AM (9:30 – 12:30)

We’re turning things up this week as we study the science behind heat! We’ll look at how to make it, how to keep it, how to use it and how to lose it using all the science in our bag of tricks! If you like things that SIZZLE, BANG and POP then Sizzlin’ Science is the camp for you!

Extreme Earth
PM (1:30 – 4:30)

From Hail to Hurricanes and Tornadoes to Tidal Waves, join us for a storm chasing adventure guaranteed to get your young scientists excited about science. We’ll explore nature’s super forces and weather wonders during this week long journey across our “Extreme Earth”!

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Best of 2019

Full Day: (9:30-4:30)
Half Day: AM Camp 9:30-12:30 / PM Camp 1:30-4:30
Dates: January 6th – January 10th (Track 4) [CAMP FULL]

Best of 2019 AM (9:30 – 12:30)
PM (1:30 – 4:30)

The parents and campers have spoken! 2019 was packed full of some amazing experiments and helped to build phenomenal memories. Did your camper miss out on an incredible camp? Maybe you were on vacation and couldn’t attend? Maybe your camper just had SO much fun they’re begging to have one last hurrah (hopefully this is the reason)! Well, we’ve taken the most popular experiments from all of our 2019 Camps and combined them into one final camp. We could only think of one name for this camp … “Best of 2019 Science Camp”!

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Spring Fling

Full Day: (9:30-4:30)
Half Day: AM Camp 9:30-12:30 / PM Camp 1:30-4:30
Dates: April 6th – April 10th (Track 4)
May 18th – May 22nd (Track 2)

Spring Fling AM (9:30 – 12:30)
PM (1:30 – 4:30)

The flowers are starting to bloom, the birds are chirping to wake you up, and it starting to stay lighter for longer: It must be Spring! We here at Science Fun love the spring, and we feel like celebrating with our Spring Fling camp! We’re watching our favorite experiments grow and blossom into what their true potential can be this spring at our Spring Fling! Join us and you certainly will be chirping about it along with the birds.

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End of Summer Bash

Full Day: (9:30-4:30)
Half Day: AM Camp 9:30-12:30 / PM Camp 1:30-4:30
Dates: August 17th – August 21st (Track 3) Cancelled

End of Summer Bash AM (9:30 – 12:30)
PM (1:30 – 4:30)

Pool parties, barbecues, and SFFE Camps…not all of these need to end with summer. That’s why SFFE is looking to end the season with a splash! We’re molding our favorite moments, take-homes, and experiments into a unique summer experience that every junior scientist will treasure and remember for years to come. Join us for one last summer bash!

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K-3rd: Adventures in Wonderlab & “Sense”sational Science

Full Day: (9:30-4:30)
Half Day: AM Camp 9:30-12:30 / PM Camp 1:30-4:30
Dates: June 15th – June 19th
July 20th – July 24th

Adventures in Wonderlab: AM (9:30 – 12:30)

Once upon a time in the Adventures of Wonderlab, there were two scientists leading a group of new Jr. Scientists through 5 different storybooks to find the science in them. We have handpicked 5 great stories to share with your Jr. Scientist, along with experiments to go with each one. Join us for a week of adventure as we go through the Wonderlab. The End. *Due to the pace of our programs, we require that all campers have at least started Kindergarten before the start of their camp.

“Sense”sational Science
PM (1:30 – 4:30)

What’s your strongest sense? Is it your sense of smell, maybe your hearing, or even perhaps your sense of sight. We are going to explore one of our 5 senses each day of this week long camp and determine which is our natural super power. Which one do you think yours will end up being? *This camp is designed for students that have completed a quarter of Kindergarten-3rd graders.

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4th-7th: Team STEAM & 7 Seas of Science

Full Day: (9:30-4:30)
Half Day: AM Camp 9:30-12:30 / PM Camp 1:30-4:30
Dates: June 22nd – June 26th (Track 1/Trad)
July 6th – July 10th (Track 4/Trad)
August 3rd – August 7th (Track 3/Trad)

Team STEAM: AM (9:30 – 12:30)

Up for a challenge? A challenge with a team? About STEAM? Join us for a week of science themed challenges that will get your brain going and your team spirit up! Each day will be centered on one of the five parts of STEAM, so whether your strength is in science, technology, engineering, art or math, you’ll have a day that lets your strengths shine. *This camp is designed for rising 4-7th graders.

7 Seas of Science
PM (1:30 – 4:30)

Aye Aye Matey! Time to hit the seven seas and learn a little science on the way. It will be an adventure of a lifetime across the crashing waves and into the depths of our ocean floor (don’t worry, all this will be discovered within our lab). Is your Jr. Scientist ready to raise the anchor and set sail into a week of Marine Biology that they will never forget? *This camp is designed for 4-7th graders.

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