Science Fun



Transform your Preschool into a Sizzlin’ Science Laboratory and turn your students on to science!

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No Bus, No Fuss!

Have Science FUN For Everyone bring all of the supplies for a 40 minute, interactive science adventure, gauranteed to get your students excited!

All of our programs are:

  • Safe,
  • Age Appropriate (3 and up)
  • Provide certificates for each child
  • and include a ”make and take-home” experiment!


The cost is only $250 for the first session (up to 22 students) and only $50 for each additional session needed.  Call or reseve online today to secure your date.
$400 daily minimum may apply to schools over 30 miles from the Lab.

Available Programs:

Space… Outta This World!

You’ll be glowing as we detect solar rays from outer space.  Eat astronaut ice cream before launching rockets.  Make and take home your own space mud!


Chemically concoct your own super bubble solution.  Watch clouds form right inside of a giant bubble.  Make a square bubble, hold a bubble in the palm of your hand and take home your own bubble blower.

Buggin’ Out!

Creepy, crawly, weird and wacky … discover the incredible world of bugs.  Get up close and personal with worms  and many other live animals!  Even create your own slippery slug substance!

Cool Chemical Concoctions

Put on your scientist safety goggles and experience an awesome eruption!  Blow up a balloon without using your mouth before mixing up a batch of our Ooey Gooey Slime!

Dazzling Dinosaurs

Step back in time to the age of the dinosaurs and become a paleontologist. Go on an excavation and keep what you find.  Meet our horned dragon and witness our erupting “Dinosaur Toothpaste”!

Weather Wonders

Let it snow in your class anytime of the year!  Spin an F5 tornado and touch lightning in a safe way.  Taste a cloud and take home your own snow ball!

Ocean Adven”Shores”

Transform your class into the sandy shores of the beach!  Splash and play as you explore our living beach life.  Collect and keep sea shells and sharks teeth in this totally hands-on ocean experience!

Rockin’ Rainforest

Take a trip on a Rainforest Safari and meet our chameleon friend and his crazy chemical camouflaging!  Dig in the dirt to see for yourself what lives in the Rainforest before chemically concocting your own cool creation!

Reflections of Rainbows

Colors, colors, everywhere… Be amazed at all the hidden rainbows in your class room and grow colorful crystals.  Mix and mash colors to make your own unique colorful creation.

We look forward to visiting your Preschool soon! Science Fun For Everyone … helping to develop the future scientists of the world.  Serving Cary, Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, RDU, the Triangle area and Beyond!

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