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Posted On: 28 Jan

Envision Academy is our Spotlight School of the week

SCHOOL: Envision Academy

PROGRAM: Motion Commotion
INSTRUCTOR: John McLeod-Moya
Scientist John’s Experience:

The other day I had the pleasure of visiting the 3rd graders at Envision Academy for the second time this school year. Together we explored the world of physics and studied motion and friction. First we went back in time 400 years to learn about Sir Isaac Newton’s 3 laws of motion.

Later we used these three laws in free lab experiments, and the students got creative as they explored topics like gravity, friction, and mass. Student’s particularly liked innovating with our Newton’s cradles, swinging more than one of the balls at a time, and even placing them end to end. Students learned about friction by strapping on our friction shoes and walking around the room. Shoes with different surfaces produced different amounts of friction on the floor. Who knew physics could be so fun?

In our final experiments we learned about action/reaction by launching alka seltzer rockets. One student declared, “I’m going to make one of those at home,” so watch out Mom and Dad for the next big names in rocketry. Finally students were able to construct and take home their very own friction tube. We had friction tube races and learned more about friction by trying to get a marble in a test tube full of sand from one end of the tube to the other.

Over all we had a very exciting day learning about some of the basic forces at work around us. I know the third grade at envision academy were excited to be physicists for a day, and they can say that word three times fast pretty well!

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Posted On: 12 Jan

Wakelon Elementary is our Spotlight School of the Week

SCHOOL: Wakelon Elementary

GRADE LEVEL: 5thSpotlight-School-middle-creek
PROGRAM: Body Works
INSTRUCTOR: Scientist Heather
Scientist Heather’s Experience:

On this COLD Thursday I was glad for no delays, as I was lucky enough to get to spend the day with the 5th graders at Wakelon Elementary for the second time this year!

We spent the day thinking about our body systems, and even got to look at some real animal organs! After some initial “EWWWs”, students enjoyed figuring out what each organ was and what body system it belonged to. We were amazed to learn how the sheep heart was roughly the same size as their heart, and that we could tell how intelligent the sheep was by looking at the texture of its brain (not very smart!). One student joked that he would never be able to get that brain out of his brain!

Students then used their knowledge of body systems to come up with their own organism. They created lots of new flying animals, including a flying snake! Some students creatively put lungs in the wings so their animal could capture the air moving past as they flew. Others put brains in the wings so they had a mind of their own!

We also enjoyed a few gooey experiments! We observed how some special crystals absorbed fresh water and grew, then released that water and shrunk when we added salt. Students were amazed to learn that real cells can do the same thing, which is why many animals, like frogs and jellyfish, can only live in fresh or salt water, and can’t survive in the other. Finally. We made some slimey single celled organisms!

I had a great day and hope to see this 5th grade group again!

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Posted On: 9 Dec

Grove Park Elementary is our Spotlight School of the Week

SCHOOL: Grove Park Elementary

GRADE LEVEL: 5thSpotlight-School-middle-creek
PROGRAM: Storm Chasers
INSTRUCTOR: Scientist Christine
Scientist Christine’s Experience:

Did I have a new experience today? Oh, yes! I had the pleasure to visit a school I had never visited before, Grove Park in Burlington, North Carolina. I have to say, I had a FANTASTIC time! I spent my day with the 5th grades of this school. Even though it was a LOW PRESSURE and therefore, CLOUDY day, we had a electrifying day filled with anemometers, vortexes, and of course electricity. We not only made a cloud in the classroom, but we also made safe lighting strike the ends of our fingers.

I can tell these 5th graders knew their facts about weather. They knew about different types of clouds like cumulus, cirrus, and stratus. They also knew what the purpose of an anemometer was, to measure winds speeds. Oh, and believe or not, these 5th graders knew what convection meant and how to explain it. Wow! Hats off, or should I say, umbrellas off to these young scientific minds.

On my departure from the school, I recognized many of the 5th graders. Not only were they fantastic meteorologist, but many of them were on the safety patrol team. Terrific!

Looking forward to my next visit to Grove Park!

See you future meteorologists on the Weather Channel!

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Posted On: 25 Nov

Corinth-Holders is our Spotlight School of the Week

SCHOOL: Corinth-Holders Elementary

GRADE LEVEL: 4thSpotlight-School-middle-creek
PROGRAM: Moon in Motion
INSTRUCTOR: Scientist Rachel
Scientist Rachel’s Experience:

After any weekend, Mondays are infamous for being dreary, sleepy and bleak. Lucky for me, this was not the case for the 4th grade classes at Corinth-Holders elementary! I was greeted with wondering minds, curious eyes and smiling faces, which made my case of the Mondays melt away!

The energetic students were both Jr. Astronauts and Astronomers as we explored the idea of space, our solar system and how planets orbit. Rather than reading about these topics, the scientists constructed models of our solar system and were able to explain to me, and the rest of the class, how everything orbits and fits together. Everyone did a FANTASTIC job and I was quite impressed!!

After talking about the different phases of the moon and what creates our nights and days, we jumped into our labs. The scientists discovered just how different gravitational pulls are on other planets as we compared our weight here on earth to what it would be on the moon or on Jupiter. I think we were all a little surprised! Finally, the students learned what holds the planets in orbit as they created their own orbit simulators, and also had the opportunity to test their aiming skills with mini-rockets!

The day was a BLAST, and I loved spending time with these energetic, inquisitive and smart scientists!! Thank you, Corinth-Holders 4th grade, and Happy Thanksgiving!

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Posted On: 11 Nov

The best way to give back AND save money this holiday season!

good-shop-picMark your calendars! November 30th is Goodshop Sunday: a special day for your supporters to buy gifts that give back to your cause.

Goodshop gets you and your supporters the best deals and coupons at 1,000s of stores, AND donates a percentage of your purchases to Science Fun For Everyone. On Goodshop Sunday, select stores are offering double donations and exclusive deals.

Goodshoppers nationwide are taking a pledge to buy a gift that gives back– and communicating that pledge with a photo of their fingers forming a heart (see below).


1) Take the pledge and share it on social media (be sure to use the hashtag #GoodshopSunday and tag @goodsearch too!)

2) Then use these resources to spread the word and get all your supporters involved too!

We’re excited to give back with our holiday shopping this year! Will you take the pledge and spread the word too?

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Posted On: 28 Oct

Middle Creek Elementary is our Spotlight School of the Week

SCHOOL: Middle Creek Drive Elementary

GRADE LEVEL: 5thSpotlight-School-middle-creek
PROGRAM: Newton’s Lab
INSTRUCTOR: Scientist Craig
Scientist Craig’s Experience:

What an awesome start to my Thursday getting to spend it at Middle Creek. This has always been one of my favorite schools to visit, especially 5th grade.

Today’s program was called Newton’s Lab, so we were going to talk all about physics. Physics can be a frightening topic to young scientists, so I made sure to bring in my best experiments.

One of my favorite experiments I did with the 5th graders was launching catapults. Who wouldn’t love launching objects through the air in your classroom? We launched different objects that varied in mass towards a student holding a basket. They were challenged to catch 5 items that were being catapulted towards them. Through this activity we learned about how these items launched based on mass, momentum, and the air resistance. We had some truly dominating teams using the catapults. They might have been pretty successful as a viking.

After the catapults, we built a balloon powered car that helped us to better understand and relate the three laws of motion. It took us some time, but a think we all managed to construct our cars. We might have needed a little help from the girls tying those balloons to the straws. They seemed to be a little better at it than the boys. I think it’s pretty safe to say that only popping 4 balloons throughout the day would be considered pretty successful.

To finish off our program, we went outside to launch water rockets. Luckily, it ended up being a pretty nice day. We found an excellent spot to launch the rockets towards a basketball hoop. We had several close baskets, but no one was able to make it in. For the record, I’m not sure I would have been able to make it either.

Thanks Middle Creek 5th grade for making my experience there an awesome one. I hope you guys had a great time and hopefully I’ll see you guys for your next program!

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Posted On: 13 Oct

St. Michael the Archangel is our Spotlight School of the Week

SCHOOL: St. Michael the Archangel

GRADE LEVEL: 4thSpotlight-School-st.-michael
PROGRAM: Can You Dig It?
INSTRUCTOR: Scientist Christine
Scientist Christine’s’s Experience:

On my visit, the junior geologist and I got to go on a dig in hopes of finding different rocks, minerals, and even maybe a fossil. But before we went on our dig we had to review some important vocabulary such as: sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic rocks. Also, we discussed the difference between minerals and rocks. Once we had a good foundation of shared vocabulary we could proceed with our dig.

The dig, which I hypothesize, was everybody’s favorite experiment resulted in the junior geologist finding all sorts of rocks and minerals like rose quartz and snowflake obsidian.

I had two favorite parts of the day. First, was having a teacher, Mrs. Shrader, who had not seen one of our programs before. It is always fun to see first time teachers reactions to our programs. Good news, she really enjoyed the program! Second, I got to see some past science campers, Emilia, Abigail, and Aubrey. Good to see you girls!

In short, the day was rockin’!

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Posted On: 7 Oct

Fall/Winter 2014 Mini-Camps now available!



It’s a weekday, and school is out!
If you would like something fun for your junior scientist to do from:
9:30 am – 4:30 pm, then bring ’em on by! We will have all sorts of fun science going on at the lab!



Limited seats available and the mini camps do fill up very quickly.
  • Explore Science and Nature
  • Touch and Care for Live Animals
  • Create Robots
  • Mix Chemicals and Make Slime
  • Build and Launch Rockets
  • Play in the Snow, Erupt Volcanoes and so MUCH MORE…
  • Ultimately have a BLAST actually learning about the world around us!

Register your child and see why so many people say that Sizzlin’ Science Camp is their child’s FAVORITE camp!

Dates Available:

  • 11/11 – Veterans Day flag2
  • 11/26 – Wednesday before Thanksgiving turkey
  • 12/22, 12/23, 12/29, 12/30 – Holiday Mini-Camps snowman


2015 Track Out Themes and Dates will be announced very soon!

There are only a few spots left in our 2014 Track out Camps:

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Posted On: 18 Apr

Volunteer Spotlight: Khushboo Patel

Khushboo Patel

This week we took some time to talk with Khushboo Patel, one of our volunteers who lent us a helping hand for a few weeks in April. She first found us on while looking for volunteer opportunities in the area, and helped us keep “Blast from the Past” and “Forests, Fish and Flytraps” camps up and running smoothly. Khushboo lent us her time the weeks of March 31st and April 14th. This week she helped our little scientists interact with and learn about lizards, snakes, cool carnivorous plants and even make plant based soaps!
Originally from Mumbai (also known as ‘Bombay’) India, Khushboo completed a four year degree in physical therapy before coming to the US and earning her master’s degree in Pittsburgh. Though she normally lives way up in New York State, Khushboo is taking a break down here in NC while on the job hunt. Unlike some of our more frequent volunteers, Khushboo is over and done with schooling and is currently on the road to be an orthopedic therapist. You go, girl! Job hunts involve a lot of down time and waiting, and Khushboo was generous enough to donate some of her free time to us and our junior scientists!
After the two camps that Khushboo has helped with, she said her favorite activity was creating box cameras during the “Blast from the Past” camp. For that project our little scientists used what they were taught about convex lenses to make a working model of a camera originally introduced by Kodak back in 1888! She said the project itself was fun, and it really got the kids excited and curious for how their pictures would turn out! Khushboo said, “I love kids, that’s why I thought it was a good idea to volunteer here.”
While volunteering with us might not have affected Khushboo’s career path, she did have a lot of fun while she was here! She said she would definitely recommend us to others. Thanks again for all of your hard work, Khushboo! We hope you’ll come experiment with us again!

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Posted On: 17 Apr

Salem News

Check here for live updates and news regarding afterschool events at Salem Elementary!

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