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Posted On: 18 Nov

Wake Forest Charter Academy is our Spotlight School of the week

SCHOOL: Wake Forest Charter Academy

GRADE LEVEL: 3rdSpotlight-School-wake-forest-charter
PROGRAM: A Matter of Science
INSTRUCTOR: Christine Martin
Scientist Christine’s Experience:

Solids, liquids, gases, oh my! The adventures we took today at Wake Forest Charter Academy were solid as a rock. We flowed freely as we made disappearing ink. And it felt like we were on cloud nine when we made ziploc bags fill up with gas by mixing together an acid and a base.

I had never been to Wake Forest Charter Academy before. Actually, to my understanding, Science Fun For Everyone! (SFFE) been here before either. How did they learn about us? We have to thank third grade teacher, Mrs. Chelemer for that positive endorsement. She recently had been a first grade teacher at another school that we visit, and when the third grade team at Wake Forest were brainstorming to do for a field trip, she suggested SFFE. Hooray! It’s great to hear that we are a memorable part of a teacher’s school year.

It was a great school and the students and teachers were excited to have us! Of course, I was excited to be there as well! Hope to visit this school again soon!

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Posted On: 10 Nov

Mangum Elementary is our Spotlight School of the week

SCHOOL: Mangum Elementary

GRADE LEVEL: 1stSpotlight-School-mangum
PROGRAM: Astro Adventures/Funky Forces
INSTRUCTOR: Aaron Henderson
Scientist Aaron’s Experience:

On Friday, I had the pleasure of going to Mangum Elementary School to work on two different programs with the first-graders there. It was my fist time to this school so I was a little nervous, but the worry was for no reason because the kids there were awesome.

The first program we worked on was Astro Adventures. As these junior astronomers were looking at awesome space related experiments, their eyes lit up. They enjoyed making their own constellations using glow paper and ultraviolet lights. They especially enjoyed experimenting with the hydrophobic “space” sand and our big finale: water rockets. Even the teachers were enjoying launching these high into the sky.

The second program we looked at was Funky Forces and the junior scientists now turned into physicists to look at how and why things move. We focused on three categories of movement and looked at experiments involving each. All the junior scientists loved the labs. There were two: a magnet lab and a balancing lab. Going around the room during this free experimentation time is such a joy. Watching the kids testing on their own and understanding these concepts is such a great thing to see. Our big finale for this program was our magnetic slime. It was magnetic due to the iron oxide that we added to our recipe. Each junior scientist was given a piece of the slime as well as a magnet to take home for further experimentation.

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Posted On: 21 Oct

Armstrong Elementary is our Spotlight School of the week

SCHOOL: Armstrong Elementary

PROGRAM: Motion Commotion
INSTRUCTOR: Gabi Goszczynska
Scientist Gabi’s Experience:

Early Monday morning at Armstrong Elementary, third graders were beating gravity. The kids were catching stacks of checkers before the chips hit the ground and shooting off water rockets simply using film canisters, H20 and Alka-Seltzer tablets. The force was definitely with the Armstrong Allstars. I had a wonderful day at Armstrong Elementary in Eastover, seeing Newton’s Laws of Motion in action and testing out friction shoes.

I instantly felt welcomed at Armstrong Elementary with every face smiling on that chilly day. As I entered the school, I noticed their windows decorated with words proclaiming the benefits of learning. I could tell that the love of learning was infectious throughout the school because of all of the kids waiting eagerly for me to begin. As we got going, their hands shot up with hypotheses, guessing what would happen to balloons that they helped me release into the air. They were definitely excited to learn! As we dove into the labs, I could barely turn my head before another junior scientist was showing me how they hit the bulls eye with their pocket rocket or how they were able to move the marble through a friction tube. I even had a record setting student, catching nine gravity chips at one time! The best moment came when I overheard one kid exclaiming “this is better than recess!” Well, if it’s better than recess, it must be pretty great.

As always in Motion Commotion, the highlight was launching the mini water rockets. Although I framed this as a competition between two teams, in the end, all of the kids decided that the true prize was how much fun it was to see those rockets blast off! One child on the winning team even said, “the real prize is what we learn, right!?” That brought a big smile to my face. I can full-heartedly say that I came home a happy scientist knowing that Armstrong Elementary was full of budding young scientists who showed me the meaning of teamwork, excitement and the joy of learning!

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Posted On: 8 Oct

Weekly Science Blog at Lifetime Fitness

WHERE: Lifetime Fitness


PROGRAM: Plant Power
INSTRUCTOR: Christine Martin
Scientist Christine’s Experience:

I did something that I have never done before! I taught a lesson at Lifetime Fitness in Cary! I had not even stepped into a Lifetime Fitness before this, and let me tell you, it was nice! They even have their own little restaurant. I was so impressed.

Anyway, moving on to the teaching of science, I taught “Plant Power” to a mixture of grade levels. Some kids were in kindergarten, while others were in fifth grade. Quite a range! But I knew I could handle it by differentiating the lesson, which I did. I broke them up into labs which helped. One lab built a plant environment to grow real grass seeds, while the other team explored soil, decomposers, herbs, and spices. Oh my! The the labs switched and they were able to try the other experiment out.

The lesson went by so quickly, but it was definitely a treat. As they say, time flies when you are having fun!

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Posted On: 21 Sep

Franklin Academy is our Spotlight School of the Week

SCHOOL: Franklin Academy

PROGRAM: Funky Forces
INSTRUCTOR: Aaron Henderson
Scientist Aaron’s Experience:

Last Thursday, I had the pleasure of going to Franklin Academy in Wake Forest to talk to some first graders about forces and motion. As I arrived to the classroom I could already see that these first grade classes were very eager and excited about what I had for them to see and experiment with.

We started off looking at some different categories of movement including air and wind, balance and gravity, and push and pull. We thought about some different things that moved due to these categories and they were all coming up with great answers. These junior physicists really started off on the right foot and I knew it was going to keep going well.
As I began to explain the two labs we were going to split up in, the kids eyes lit up. Especially in Ms. Bardes class. They were so excited to experiment with magnets and also experiment with balancing. Learning about the attractive and repelling forces that magnets can have really excited these kids, and the fact that they were able to experiment with so many different types of magnets really got them going.

Throughout the entire day, I saw child after child really thinking hard about what we were discussing as well as asking great questions that were very thought provoking. To see these kids this excited about learning only makes me more excited to bring them these experiments.

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Posted On: 13 May

– JUST ANNOUNCED – Camp CREATE! Middle School Camps

2015-04-06 16.18.26This is a camp for Middle Schoolers (6th – 8th Grades). Every week will be a whole new experience, because the campers get to create the week!

We will have some predesigned awesome activities such as:

  • Building their own computer lab (using some amazing new micro computers)!
  • Creating with brand new robotics system kits, used nowhere else in the United States!
  • Get to be the Science Instructor (Lead a science activity over in our elementary camp)!


Then comes the camp CREATE portion. They’re getting older, so the world is starting to ask them to make more important choices.


We will allow the junior scientists to pick from our vast supply of activities and experiments.

They work together to design the week. No two weeks will be the same, but we know they will be AWESOME!

Register Here


Learn More

*Small class sizes, so very limited seats.

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Posted On: 12 May

Village Christian is our Spotlight School of the week

SCHOOL: Village Christian

GRADE LEVEL: Kindergarten and 1st
PROGRAM: Astro Adventures
INSTRUCTOR: Craig Kwiatkowski
Scientist Craig’s Experience:

It’s been such a long time since I had the opportunity to visit Village Christian, so it was awesome news when I found out I got to go back this week. It was a very special day because I was able to teach the kindergarten and first grade classes and the best part is this was their first Science Fun for Everyone experience.

My day started off with two large but eager kindergarten classes. They really surprised me about their knowledge of space. The students were so knowledgeable that they were able to complete a first grade program. I think I might have found some future astronomers in those classes. They were even telling me all about what they learned about how we get our days and nights!

The next class was a combined session with two first grade classes. These students had such awesome and engaging questions that I thought I was in a room of astronauts. We had an awesome discussion about Earth and why it is such an awesome planet to live on. Finally, the students used some space sand to help remind them that Earth is the only planet we know of so far in our solar system that has enough water to sustain life.

My last two session were smaller single classes. Each of the classes were so creative recreating and making their own constellations using glow paper and UV lights. To end all of the sessions, we ventured outside to launch some water rockets as high into space as we could. What an awesome day it ended up being, too. Especially since my ride to Fayetteville was a bit rainy. The students had a blast launching the rockets into the air and even getting sprayed a little themselves. We might have even convinced a few teachers to get a little wet as well.

Thanks Village Christian for making my visit an awesome experience and impressing me with your science knowledge. I hope to visit you guys again soon!

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Posted On: 5 May

Warrenwood Elementary is our Spotlight School of the week

SCHOOL: Warrenwood Elementary

GRADE LEVEL: Kindergarten
PROGRAM: Animal Detectives
INSTRUCTOR: Christine Martin
Scientist Christine’s Experience:

Science Fun For Everyone! visited Warrenwood Elementary’s kindergarten for the first time today! I just love going to a brand new school, it was terrific! The Junior Zoologist, all the teachers, and I had a roar of a time studying different types of animals. We explored different parts of our in class zoo by discovering more about birds, amphibians, bugs, reptiles, and mammals. We even got to see some real animals! Lions, tigers, and bears, oh my! Just kidding, we did not see those three, but we did see…toads, worms, and snakes, oh my!

The most memorable part of today was seeing the junior zoologist answer this question:
Scientist Christine: Now, let’s go visit the mammals section of the zoo. This time I didn’t bring in any animals for this because I knew there would be plenty right here when I got here. Do you know what they are?

Junior Zoologists: …

Junior Zoologist 1: Pigs?

Scientist Christine: No, not pigs. I’ll give you a hint, there are twenty-two of them in here right now.

Junior Zoologist 2: People?

Scientist Christine: Yes!

The Junior Zoologist were amazed. They had never thought of people as animals. It was great to see their faces when they realized the answer.

Hope to come back to this school soon and make some more lasting memories!

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Posted On: 16 Apr

Richland Creek Elementary is our Spotlight School of the week

SCHOOL: Richland Creek

GRADE LEVEL: Kindergarten
PROGRAM: Animal Detectives
INSTRUCTOR: Rachel Ledebuhr
Scientist Rachel’s Experience:

On such a gloomy, rainy day, I was psyched to walk into Mrs. Werthington’s classroom and find 18 bright and shining faces sparkling with curiousity and excitement for their science field trip.
“Will we get to see live animals today?”
“Will we get to take something home with us?”

I knew right away that this was going to be a great day. The young zoologists learned about the entire animal kingdom today, as we spent time exploring each type of animal. We started with birds, and the students loved pretending to be different flocks using “beaks” to pick up bird food and discovered the reason why birds have such different beaks!

We then moved on to arthropods. After learning how to say that funny word, it was time to split into labs and hold some living arthropods – hermit crabs! I definitely loved watching the jr. Scientists either diving right in or tentatively looking from afar. Hailey even related her experience to a book she had been reading!

Once the students had the chance to dig through soil and discover even more arthropods (super-worms and rollie pollies), it was time to meet another friend: Pineapple the Armadillo Lizard. I was impressed that every student wanted to pet this reptile’s spikey scaley tail as we learned what being a reptile is all about.

Finally, after looping back around and discovering the difference between mammals and birds, it was time for our take-home experiment! The jr. Scientists did some chemistry of their own and created Slimy Sap that they used to catch “bugs” just like a woodpecker would in real life!

Thank you, students of Mrs. Werthington’s class and all the kindergarteners of Richland Creek Elementary for lighting up my day!

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Posted On: 13 Apr

Northwoods Elementary is our Spotlight School of the week

SCHOOL: Northwoods

PROGRAM: Our Place In Space
INSTRUCTOR: Mary Colbert
Scientist Mary’s Experience:

I was able to spend an awesome day with the 3rd grade class at Northwoods elementary, learning about planets and our solar system. One of the very first things I like to ask the students is “to tell me what you already know.” Each of the classes brought a lot of knowledge to the table. Many of the students told me “Jupiter has 62-67 moons and that Pluto was named a dwarf planet in 2006, the year they were born”. I even had one class, write me a letter because they were very excited about space. The letter had information about how long the earth takes to orbit the Sun, rotate on its axis, and cool information about Neptune.

The students also did a fantastic job making their glow in the dark constellations that they took home with them. Some of the students were extra imaginative and created their one of a kind constellation. They also made their own sundials, which we successfully used outside to determine the time. The very last thing we had to do was to send our water rockets blasting off!

I had a wonderful time at Northwoods. I am very proud of the students and can already tell that there are future scientists among them!

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