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Posted On: 20 Sep

Thales Academy School is our Spotlight School of the Week

Thales Academy School is our Spotlight School of the Week


GRADE: 1st, 2nd & 3rd Grade
PROGRAM: Soil Rocks & Plant Power
Scientist: Scientist Sarah

I walked into an empty foyer on Wednesday, and from my sign-in spot I could just barely glimpse the bustling students inside Thales Academy. It was going to be a busy day for all of us, and I had two really exciting programs with me.

My first and second sessions were 1st & 2nd grade students, and the students wowed me with their questions and connections to real life. “Why do we study soil?” I asked, and one girl raised her hand and replied, “We need to understand the soil and the Earth so we can find out about storms like Hurricane Florence!” That is so true! And I loved that rather than only seeing the storm as a bad thing, some students were using it as inspiration to learn about out weather and our planet.

For my third session of the day, I had to make my way down the hall to the 3rd grade classrooms where I’d be walking students through a real plant dissection. I love plants and nature, and I was so excited to have a class full of students who were engaged and excited about it too! They knew every answer and I could see the teacher beaming with pride in the back of the classroom. To top it all off, for the first time ever, I had a student correctly identify the spice inside the Mystery Smelling Tube (it was Black Licorice, aka Anise Seeds)!!

We had a great time and I left the Thales Academy in Apex feeling proud and excited about all we’d discussed and all the things these students had learned.

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