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Posted On: 18 Oct

Harris Creek Elementary is our Spotlight School of the Week


GRADE: Kindergarten
PROGRAM: Property Party
Scientist: Craig

It’s the middle of the week! Who is ready for a party, a Property Party? I woke up this morning and was so excited to head out towards Harris Creek Elementary and teach the kindergartners all about properties. They were in for a special treat as well. Not only did they get to do cool science experiments with one scientist, but they got to hang out with two scientists. One of our newest employees at Science Fun joined me to train on the program as well.

The focus of our program today was to get the junior scientists familiar with ways we make observations. We taught them all about using our senses to do just that. While we use all of our senses to make observations and describe properties, we don’t usually use our sense of taste.

After learning about our methods in describing properties, the students used their newest learned skills to participate in a scavenger hunt as well as transforming the properties of crystals. It was awesome to see their eyes glow with amazement as the crystals changed from a small, dull, white color, to bright, wiggly, colorful crystals over time. They were even more excited when I told them they could take some home in their test tube to create a colorful rainbow display.

I know Scientist Kelly and I had an awesome time with the kindergartners at Harris Creek and we hope to make it back another time. Keep on exploring!

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Posted On: 16 Oct

Astronomy: Did you know how NASA names their Mars Rovers??

This artist’s rendition depicts NASA’s Mars 2020 rover studying its surroundings. Mars 2020 is targeted for launch in July or August 2020 from the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida.

Photo Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

NASA has a class assignment for corporations, nonprofits and educational organizations involved in science and space exploration: partner with the agency to inspire future engineers and scientists by sponsoring a contest to name the next rover to venture to the Red Planet.

The contest will allow U.S. students in grades K-12 to propose a name for NASA’s next Mars rover (currently being built at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California) and write an essay about their choice. The partner will work with NASA to conduct the contest during the 2019 academic year.

Click here to learn more about the Mars Rover 2020.

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Posted On: 16 Oct

Reserve Your Spot for our October 29th-November 2nd Camp:

Reserve Your Spot for our Simple Machines to Complex Creations and Meteorology Madness Camps

Simple Machines to Complex Creations
Do you love to take things apart and see how they work? Then this is the camp for you! Join us as we trace complex modern inventions back to their simple ancient roots! We’ll learn how there would be no moon landing without the invention of the knife! Or how there would be no skyscrapers without the invention of the seesaw! Put on your hard hat and join us as we explore how Simple Machines lead to Complex Creations!
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Meteorology Madness
Are you fascinated by hail and hurricanes, or blizzards and bolts of lightning? If so, join us for a storm chasing adventure guaranteed to get young scientists excited about science. We’ll explore nature’s super forces and weather wonders during this week long journey into Meteorology Madness!
Click here: Available Spots for this camp!

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