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Posted On: 18 Jun

What’s Up Doc? & Survive and Thrive

What’s Up Doc & Survive and Thrive

What’s Up Doc?
Put on your surgical gloves and join us for some medical mania! Mini MD’s will examine real hearts, brains, eyeballs, and much more! See what it takes to be a doctor, veterinarian or even a food scientist as we investigate and solve all sorts of medical mysteries during this E.R. experience!

Survive and Thrive
You’re lost in the woods, or out a sea, you have only your wits to survive, what do you do!?! This week, we’ll look at how science has been helping people survive incredible situations since literally the dawn of time! We’ll collect water and build fires, explore wildlife and learn to navigate as we learn to Survive and Thrive!!
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Posted On: 15 Jun

Did someone say pirouette?

Science may help keep a ballerina on her toes.


These are a ballerina’s pointe shoes. A dancer will go through many pairs, but one teen used a science fair project to figure out how to save money — and a lot of shoes. Click here to read the full story.

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