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Posted On: 1 Feb

Track Out Camps and Summer Camps

NEW 2013 Science Camps… Track Out Camp and Summer Camp Registration open this Friday, Feb.1st 2013!

We apologize, due to the school closings on Friday & Monday… our Camp Registration date was delayed until Friday, Feb 1st 2013.
We are SUPER Excited to reveal the new 2013 Camps to you!  Because of the delay, we want to make it up to you.

If  you register anytime this weekend (ending Sunday,  Feb 3rd) you will receive an extra 5% off of your camp total cost. Use the Discount Code: NoMoreIce 

  • A few big announcements that we just can’t keep a secret anymore… NEW, starting this year, LEGO Robotics will be included FREE in every Full Day camp we offer.  There will be “Scientist Lead activities” and time for the campers to explore and play on their own too!  We are SUPER excited about this new edition and all the upgrades that are being added to our Science Labs.
  • Also a Free Scientist Kit For EVERY Camper! Including: Science Goggles, Tote Bag and Personalized ID Badge (for both Half Day and Full Day Campers)

2013 Science Camp Themes:

Super SLIMY Science!

SLIMY Sci_Half Day AMGet MESSY while Mixing and Mashing Molecules… If your Jr. Scientist likes erupting experiments, then this is the camp for them!  From Albert Einstein to Sir Isaac Newton, well explore the experiments and discoveries that made some our founding scientists famous!  From Cool Chemists to Phenomenal Physicists, they are sure to have a super-scientific time during this chemical concocting camp!

AMAZING Animal Adventures

Amazing Animals_Half Day AM TEXT BLACK ACTIVEFrom oceans to tundra’s… rainforest to deserts, join us on an ecosystem exploration and interactive animal adventure! Junior zoologists will get up close and personal with critters from other continents such as chameleons, red-eyed tree frogs, bearded dragons, tarantulas, scorpions and much more. Join us for this EXTREME Eco Exploration!

Jurassic GIANTS & Gemstones

Jurassic_Half Day AM TEXT with Border BLACK ACTIVE1Go back in time to the age of the dinosaurs. Explore fossils and facts about the fiercest predators that ever walked the planet! Junior geologists will explore archaeology, paleontology, go gem mining and more. Put on your headlamp as we peel back the Earth’s layers to see what surprises it holds.

What’s Up Doc?

Whats up Doc_Half Day AM TEXT with Border BLACK ACTIVEPut on your surgical gloves and join us for some “Medical Mania”. Mini MD’s will examine real hearts, brains, eyeballs, and much more! See what it takes to be a doctor, veterinarian or even a food scientist as we investigate and solve all sorts of medical mysteries during this E.R. experience!

Radical Reactions & Robots

Robots _Half Day AM TEXT BLACK ACTIVEThe morning will be dedicated to Technology Time! If you’re a fan of LEGOs or robots, you are going to LOVE this camp when all the pieces come together and your creation takes its first bold step. Your junior scientist is guaranteed to have a phenomenal time creating circuits, working with wacky wires and causing crazy controlled chaos. Join us for a Hair-Raisin’ and ENERGETIC engineering experience!

Amusement Park FIZZICS

Amusement Park _Half Day AM TEXT BLACK ACTIVENo minimum height requirements for this wild ride!  From racing roller coasters to bumper cars and Ferris wheels, discover the physics and help us design some amazing amusement park attractions.  Excited engineers will get a chance to create and construct cool coasters … and if they pass the test, we might strap in some of our adventurous creatures as passengers!

Journey Into Space

Space_Half Day AM TEXTACTIVEHave a BLAST travelling through outer space on this Awesome Astro Adventure. Take part in an electronic dissection then “create-n-keep” your very own Astronaut space suit. Design Rockin’ Rockets, chemically concoct cool space slime and much more in this up close alien experience!

Secret SPY Science

SPY_Half Day AM TEXT ACTIVEGo undercover for a week of spy science and master the skills of a cool covert agent. Junior sleuths will experience an assortment of espionage experiments, make disappearing ink, build an alarm system and participate in gadget games. This code cracking week of intelligence investigations is guaranteed to make your camper the envy of all their friends!


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Posted On: 24 Jan

Wake County Teachers having FUN with Science!

Wake County Teachers Having Fun with Hands-On SCIENCE FUN!

On January 23, 2013 our Science Instructors had a BLAST “Edutaining” the Science Lead Teachers from all of the Elementary schools in Wake County. It was Erupt Volcano great to see the Wake County teachers perform like students and learn though hands-on fun experimenting. SCIENCE FUN For Everyone provided every teacher with their own experiment box with supplies and ideas to take back to their classroom. Our goal was to take ordinary science activities and convert them into unforgettable learning experiences.  Every teacher launched rockets off their table, chemically concocted magnetic slime, participated in a Volcano erupting contest, created glow in the dark crystals, generated an exothermic reaction and much, much more!

Hair Raising Van De Graff2  We focused mostly on Physical Sciences and conducted at least one experiment from every grade   level.

We hope all the hands-on, SCIENCE FUN experiments will make teachers excited about going back to   the classroom and making science their favorite part of the school day!

For more information about SCIENCE FUN For Everyone, SFFE check out

Quick Facts About Wake County Public Schools

Schools and Summaries

WCPSS has 104 elementary schools, 33 middle schools, 25 high schools and 4 special/optional schools, 1 academy (K-8), and 2 leadership academies (6-12), for a total of 169 schools.

149,508 students are enrolled in 169 schools. The annual school campus capacity is 157,587 seats (including 1,106 temporary classrooms), resulting in an overall crowding of 92.7 percent.

Of the 169 schools:
•50 schools operate on a year-round calendar (40 elementary schools and 10 middle schools). Please note that five Y-R elementary schools switched to a single track calendar.
•5 schools operate on a modified calendar (2 elementary schools, 2 middle schools and 1 high school)
•4 schools operate on a calendar matching the community college calendar (Wake Early College of Health and Sciences High School, and NC State STEM Early College, Wake Young Women’s Leadership Academy, and Wake Young Men’s Leadership Academy).
•110 schools operate on a traditional calendar (62 elementary schools, 21 middle schools, 22 high schools, and 4 special/optional schools, and 1 academy (K-8).

Academically Gifted Program and Special Education Programs

Academically Gifted Programs are offered in grades 4 through 12. As of April 1, 2012 (SY 2011-12), there were 26,811 students, or 27.2% enrolled in academically gifted programs.

Special Programs

The need for special services in LEP (Limited English Proficiency Program) and ESL (English as a Second Language Program) has been decreasing for the several years. Approximately 11,040 or 7.5% of students were classified as LEP, and 5,913 or 4.0% of students required ESL services. Also, WCPSS is serving 1,290 Pre-School students bringing the total of special education students to 19,216 or 13.3 percent of the total student population.

Source URL:

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Posted On: 31 Dec

Giving Away 2 Free Weeks of Science Camp

We are giving away 2 Free Weeks of Science Camp!
Visit our Facebook page and post why you think it is important for children to be  involved with science at an early age?  You will automatically be entered to WIN!
Deadline is Feb. 1st, 2013, Vouchers may be used for Track Out Camp or Summer Camp. 

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Posted On: 28 Dec

Holiday Science Camp

We had a BLAST at Holiday Science Camp playing in the snow, mining for gems, making slime, creating Icy Volcano Eruptions and much more!  Thank you to ALL our wonderful Jr.Scientist’s and their families for spending part of your winter break with us at the Science Lab!

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