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Posted On: 29 Oct

Moncure Elementary is our Spotlight School of the Week

SCHOOL: Moncure Elementary

GRADE LEVEL: 1st and 2ndmoncure-spot
PROGRAM: Astro Adventures & Solids vs. Liquids
INSTRUCTOR: Scientist Craig
DATE: Tuesday, October 29, 2013
TEACHER(S) NAME: Peele, Springle, and Teegarden
Scientist Craig’s Experience:

I had an AWESOME time starting my week off at Moncure Elementary School with the 1st and 2nd graders, learning about Matter and Space.

My day began with the 2nd graders in Ms. Peele and Ms. Springle’s room. The curious students had a few questions about how molecules get excited and expand when matter gets warm and how just the opposite happens when those molecules get cold. This lead to an experiment to see if this is true with all matter. We tested a special substance which behaves like ice, and found out that the opposite happens! As water gets colder is starts to become denser, but as soon as it freezes and expands to a size greater than it started. We concluded our program mixing various liquids and solids together to create a gas that caused a safe volcanic eruption! One eruption even landed on Tayshawn’s desk.

I concluded the day in Ms. Teegarden’s room conducting space experiments with the 1st graders. We learned a lot about our moon and planet, then participated in a few experiments to help us understand how the movements of the earth and moon result in day and night, and the moon phases. Finally, we got to head outside and launch water rockets on this beautiful day! This class (an myself) found it pretty funny when both of James’ rockets landed in the tree and decided to make a permanent home up there. Luckily, we had a few to spare!.

I’m looking forward to seeing those classes soon in a few months and hope everyone is ready for a lot more excitement!

Thanks Moncure Students!

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Posted On: 8 Oct

Armstrong Elementary is our Spotlight School of the Week

SCHOOL: Armstrong Elementary

GRADE LEVEL: 5tharmstrong-spot
PROGRAM: Newton’s Lab
INSTRUCTOR: Scientist Davis
DATE: Friday, October 4th 2013
TEACHER(S) NAME: Amy Tew, Amber McKoy and Heather Godwin
Scientist Davis’ Experience:

Today I taught one of my favorite programs that we do here at Science Fun for Everyone. Newton’s Labs covers Newton’s Laws of Motion, which I love to teach because the topic lends itself to hands on teaching so well.
We begin with a simple explanation of Inertia, Mass, and Action and Reaction Forces with some really fun demonstrations to hammer home the ideas. We then use our knowledge of the three laws to predict the motion of 4 different types of objects, each with varying mass. In order to make sure that the force put into each object stays constant, we use miniature catapults to launch the objects across the room! The look of excitement and anticipation on the student’s faces when I first show them their catapults is priceless!

The goal of the activity is to land three objects in a relatively small basket, and through trial and error, the student’s gradually learn that the objects with minimal mass accelerate quickly but slow down quickly due to wind resistance, while the objects with the greatest mass accelerate’s slowly because of its greater inertia. As an educator, I find this activity extremely rewarding, because the hands on activity so clearly illustrates the concepts which we have been studying as a class during our program.

I was impressed by how clearly the students at Armstrong grasped the concepts which we covered today! The student’s quickly identified that the objects with mid-range mass traveled the farthest because they had enough mass to overcome the drag of wind resistance, but were not so massive that they were impossible to move in the first place.
Today was truly a pleasure!

Thanks Armstrong 5th Graders!

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Posted On: 2 Oct

Turner Creek Elementary is our Spotlight School of the Week

SCHOOL: Turner Creek Elementary

Spotlight School Turner Creek Elem

PROGRAM: Weather Wise
INSTRUCTOR: Scientist Heather
DATE: Monday, September 30 2013

Scientist Heather’s Experience:

On Monday the 2nd graders at Turner Creek Elementary got a chance to be Meteorologists! We talked about how lightening forms and then each student got a chance to touch safe lightening. We also created model hailstorms where carbon dioxide bubbles acted like the wind to show how hailstones are formed. After that, students got a chance to experiment with all kinds of real weather tools. They used anemometers to see if they could blow hurricane wind speeds and challenged each other to see who could blow up a wind bag in the fewest breaths! Finally, I tested my aim and used our cloud blaster to try and blow “party hats” off of each student’s head! I’m told at least one student mentioned it was “the best day of school she’d ever had”!

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Posted On: 25 Sep

Delaware 7th State to Adopt NGSS

Delaware joins six other lead states, California, Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, Rhode Island, and Vermont, in formally approving the NGSS. Each is working with educators to develop a multi-year implementation strategy to provide teachers with the training and resources needed to successfully introduce the standards in classrooms.
Slow and Steady Implementation

next gen scienceEducation officials in the adopting states are advocating moving slowly to implement the NGSS. A number of state officials were interviewed by Education Week earlier this year.

“I don’t think of a light switch,” said Peter McLaren, a science and technology specialist at the Rhode Island education department. “I think of a dimmer. The lights will come up slowly, become brighter and brighter.”

“I’ve cautioned, this is an opportunity to think carefully about your system of science education in your district and what needs to be revised, a three- to four-year implementation plan to do this slowly and carefully.” said Matt Krehbiel, a science education consultant for Kansas.

  • California initially plans to implement during the 2014-2015 school year at the earliest.
  • Kansas is also on a gradual four-year path toward implementation.
  • Kentucky intends to begin K-12 implementation in 2014-2015
  • Maryland’s preliminary plans for implementation do not fully introduce the standards until 2017-2018.
  • Rhode Island’s initial four-year implementation plans moves from awareness and understanding, to curriculum shifts, to instructional shifts, to assessment systems.
  • Vermont is in the process of establishing an advisory team to liaise with the state’s implementation team and communicate about the NGSS to stakeholders. Regional training meetings will continue through 2014.

States should “have the courage to be patient,” senior vice president Stephen Pruitt told Education Week. “They shouldn’t be rushing to implement the standards. They should do it in their time, and when they’re ready.”

What is crucial, said Pruitt, is for states and districts to “have this opportunity to build some capacity and build the right infrastructure for success.”


This information was provided by the Next Generation Science Standards for Today’s Students and Tomorrow’s Workforce.  The NGSS are based on the Framework  for K-12 Science Education developed by the National Research Council. For more information, please visit our website at

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Posted On: 25 Jun

Next Generation Science Standards

Here is the Latest information from The Next Generation Science Team:

Science, Education, and Business Communities Widely Endorse the Next Generation Science Standards

Since the development and release of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), leaders in science, K-12 education, higher education, business, technology, and research have voiced their support for the NGSS as a high-quality set of K-12 science standards that will better prepare students for college and careers. This growing coalition of individuals and organizations from many states represents experts with deep, demonstrated knowledge and experience in the field, including several Nobel Laureates.

To date, the following groups and individuals have expressed support for states’ adoption and implementation of the NGSS as a way to improve science education across the country:

State Boards of Education (voted to adopt)

Rhode Island

Scientific and Education Organizations

American Chemical Society

American Meteorological Society

American Physical Society

American Society of Plant Biologists

Association of Presidential Awardees in Science Teaching

Association of Public and Land Grant Universities

National Association of Gifted Children

National Science Teachers Association

Notable Scientists and Academics

Bruce Alberts, Stanford University / Past President, National Academy of


Andy Anderson, Michigan State University

Wolfgang Bauer, Michigan State University

Rodolfo Dirzo, Stanford University

James Paul Holloway, University of Michigan

Jonathan Osborne, Stanford University

Helen Quinn, Stanford University

Carl Wieman, Stanford University / Nobel Laureate

About NGSS
Next Generation Science Standards for Today’s Students and Tomorrow’s Workforce: Through a collaborative, state-led process, new K-12 science standards were developed that are rich in content and practice, arranged in a coherent manner across disciplines and grades to provide all students an internationally benchmarked science education. The NGSS are based on the Framework for K-12 Science Education developed by the National Research Council. For more information, please visit our website at

next gen science



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Posted On: 24 Apr

Excitement at the Science Fun Lab! NEW Bearded Dragon Babies

New Family members arrived at the SCIENCE FUN For Everyone! Science Lab in Cary, NC today.

We are happy to announce that “THE BABIES ARE HERE, THE BABIES ARE HERE”!!

We had our first clutch of Bearded Dragon eggs (7 total eggs) started hatching yesterday. We have 3 new babies that have made it out completely and a 4th bearded dragon’s head poking out of the shell.

They are healthy, happy and adorable! After just 2 weeks we can start handling them a little more. Hoping the other 3 eggs will hatch very soon.
The new babies are going to love playing with the Science campers this summer!

Now we have to come up with new names for all the baby bearded dragons…

Any Name Suggestions?

Baby Bearded Dragons

Hatching out of Egg

Eggs and Babies

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Posted On: 19 Mar

New Computer Lab

Thank you SO much to AMG Office Solutons and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) for their generous donation to our new computer lab!

We are absolutely thrilled with their phenomenal support!  AMG Office Solutions not only supplied the beautiful workstations, but even donated their own personal time and labor to professionally install them as well!  The quality of work performed and the professionalism was unparalleled.

Now, what good is a computer lab with no computers?  The USDA donated laptops, monitors and docking stations to be used in our lab!  This will allow us to expand on our Lego robotics offerings for children at our track-out and summer camps!  Our free exploration time will also be significantly enhanced by these additional tools for children to gain experience working with technology and increase their computer literacy.

Thank you again to AMG Office Solutions and the USDA for this wonderful gift!


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Posted On: 19 Feb

Free Science Field Trip, deadline March 8th, 2013

Do you want your students to learn about the new science essential standards in a FUN and stimulating way?

Well, you’ve come to the right place!  We’re super excited to be giving away a free science field trip to one lucky school, for an entire grade level!   The deadline to apply is March 8th, 2013 so if you’re interested, do not delay.   All you have to do is fill out a very short application to tell us why you would want the field trip, click submit… and wait for an email to see if your school is a winner!

Click here for details

SCIENCE FUN  is on a mission to bring more, hands-on  science experiences into the classroom.   As we acquire additional funding, we will notify teachers immediately about new opportunities.   You can join our mailing list to be one of the first to receive these updates (only a few a year).

If you have an idea or know of a  local business/corporation that would like to sponsor a field trip, please let them know that we are a 501(c)3 organization and their donation would be tax deductible and hugely appreciated by the children!

Thank you for your interest in science!




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Posted On: 1 Feb

Track Out Camps and Summer Camps

NEW 2013 Science Camps… Track Out Camp and Summer Camp Registration open this Friday, Feb.1st 2013!

We apologize, due to the school closings on Friday & Monday… our Camp Registration date was delayed until Friday, Feb 1st 2013.
We are SUPER Excited to reveal the new 2013 Camps to you!  Because of the delay, we want to make it up to you.

If  you register anytime this weekend (ending Sunday,  Feb 3rd) you will receive an extra 5% off of your camp total cost. Use the Discount Code: NoMoreIce 

  • A few big announcements that we just can’t keep a secret anymore… NEW, starting this year, LEGO Robotics will be included FREE in every Full Day camp we offer.  There will be “Scientist Lead activities” and time for the campers to explore and play on their own too!  We are SUPER excited about this new edition and all the upgrades that are being added to our Science Labs.
  • Also a Free Scientist Kit For EVERY Camper! Including: Science Goggles, Tote Bag and Personalized ID Badge (for both Half Day and Full Day Campers)

2013 Science Camp Themes:

Super SLIMY Science!

SLIMY Sci_Half Day AMGet MESSY while Mixing and Mashing Molecules… If your Jr. Scientist likes erupting experiments, then this is the camp for them!  From Albert Einstein to Sir Isaac Newton, well explore the experiments and discoveries that made some our founding scientists famous!  From Cool Chemists to Phenomenal Physicists, they are sure to have a super-scientific time during this chemical concocting camp!

AMAZING Animal Adventures

Amazing Animals_Half Day AM TEXT BLACK ACTIVEFrom oceans to tundra’s… rainforest to deserts, join us on an ecosystem exploration and interactive animal adventure! Junior zoologists will get up close and personal with critters from other continents such as chameleons, red-eyed tree frogs, bearded dragons, tarantulas, scorpions and much more. Join us for this EXTREME Eco Exploration!

Jurassic GIANTS & Gemstones

Jurassic_Half Day AM TEXT with Border BLACK ACTIVE1Go back in time to the age of the dinosaurs. Explore fossils and facts about the fiercest predators that ever walked the planet! Junior geologists will explore archaeology, paleontology, go gem mining and more. Put on your headlamp as we peel back the Earth’s layers to see what surprises it holds.

What’s Up Doc?

Whats up Doc_Half Day AM TEXT with Border BLACK ACTIVEPut on your surgical gloves and join us for some “Medical Mania”. Mini MD’s will examine real hearts, brains, eyeballs, and much more! See what it takes to be a doctor, veterinarian or even a food scientist as we investigate and solve all sorts of medical mysteries during this E.R. experience!

Radical Reactions & Robots

Robots _Half Day AM TEXT BLACK ACTIVEThe morning will be dedicated to Technology Time! If you’re a fan of LEGOs or robots, you are going to LOVE this camp when all the pieces come together and your creation takes its first bold step. Your junior scientist is guaranteed to have a phenomenal time creating circuits, working with wacky wires and causing crazy controlled chaos. Join us for a Hair-Raisin’ and ENERGETIC engineering experience!

Amusement Park FIZZICS

Amusement Park _Half Day AM TEXT BLACK ACTIVENo minimum height requirements for this wild ride!  From racing roller coasters to bumper cars and Ferris wheels, discover the physics and help us design some amazing amusement park attractions.  Excited engineers will get a chance to create and construct cool coasters … and if they pass the test, we might strap in some of our adventurous creatures as passengers!

Journey Into Space

Space_Half Day AM TEXTACTIVEHave a BLAST travelling through outer space on this Awesome Astro Adventure. Take part in an electronic dissection then “create-n-keep” your very own Astronaut space suit. Design Rockin’ Rockets, chemically concoct cool space slime and much more in this up close alien experience!

Secret SPY Science

SPY_Half Day AM TEXT ACTIVEGo undercover for a week of spy science and master the skills of a cool covert agent. Junior sleuths will experience an assortment of espionage experiments, make disappearing ink, build an alarm system and participate in gadget games. This code cracking week of intelligence investigations is guaranteed to make your camper the envy of all their friends!


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