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Posted On: 15 Aug

Aug. 20th – Simple Machines to Complex Creations & Meteorology Madness Camps

Aug 20th Camp – Simple Machines to Complex Creations & Meteorology Madness

Simple Machines to Complex Creations
Do you love to take things apart and see how they work? Then this is the camp for you! Join us as we trace complex modern inventions back to their simple ancient roots! We’ll learn how there would be no moon landing without the invention of the knife! Or how there would be no skyscrapers without the invention of the seesaw! Put on your hard hat and join us as we explore how Simple Machines lead to Complex Creations!

Meteorology Madness
Are you fascinated by hail and hurricanes, or blizzards and bolts of lightning? If so, join us for a storm chasing adventure guaranteed to get young scientists excited about science. We’ll explore nature’s super forces and weather wonders during this week long journey into Meteorology Madness!

Click here a few spots remain open for the Meteorology Madness Camp

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Posted On: 9 Aug

Aug 13th Camp – Is That Possible?!? & Can You Survive That?!?

Aug 13th Camp – Is That Possible?!? & Can You Survive That?!?

Is That Possible?!?
Do you ever ask yourself, friends, parents, and teachers crazy “what if” questions that seem impossible to answer? This week we will do our best to ACTUALLY come up with answers and test some questions out! Could we build a bridge across the Atlantic? What would it look like if the oceans started to drain like a bathtub? Can we really dig a hole to China? Maybe you can even come up with and answer a question of your own!

Can You Survive That?!?
Could you survive a skydive from the international space station? What about a magnitude 11 earthquake, could you survive that?? Slipping on a banana peel, surely you can survive THAT! Well, let’s find out! We’ll do our best to answer these questions in a crazy daredevil week of questionable survivability as we ask Can you Survive That!?! (While the scenarios we discuss may not be survivable, the experiments SHOULD be!)

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Posted On: 9 Aug

Aug. 13th Camp – CSI: Cool Science Investigated & Jurassic Giants and Gemstones

Aug 13th Camp – CSI: Cool Science Investigated & Jurassic Giants and Gemstones

CSI: Cool Science Investigated
A lid thrown haphazardly on the counter. Crumbs everywhere. A jar cruelly left empty. Who. Stole. The. Cookies. From. The. Cookie. Jar!?!? This week, we’ll give your budding detective the tools they need to solve any mystery they may come across. Dust up on finger printing and focus in on microfiber analysis as we learn to see the world through the eye of a detective in CSI: Cool Science Investigated!

Jurassic Giants and Gemstones
Hours under the hot desert sun, hand aching from weeks of painstaking excavation, finally you reveal the skeleton of an incredible creature buried over 65 million years ago! This is the moment that a Paleontologist lives for! This week, experience a piece of this feeling as we delve in to the world hidden beneath us! We’ll put on our headlamps and expose incredible treasures and unbelievable beasts in Jurassic Giants and Gemstones!

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Posted On: 1 Aug

Grossology & Mission to Mars

Aug 6th Camp – Grossology & Mission to Mars

Do you love all things slimy, snotty, sneezy and smelly? Do people run screaming every time you bring up your favorite subject? Then join us for an insanely hilarious journey down some of nature’s most interesting and disgusting paths! We’ll study all things that are NOT allowed at the dinner table in a week that is sure to scratch your Grossology itch!

Mission to Mars
After months of space travel you have done what no other human has done before. You have landed on the Red Planet! Where will you live? What will you drink? HOW WILL YOU SURVIVE!?! We’ll tackle all these challenges (and have some fun along the way) as we embark on our Mission to Mars!
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Posted On: 26 Jun

Truth Tuesdays – Long Distance Trips


Are you going somewhere far for vacation this summer? If so, you are contributing to the 650 million long distance trips that will be taken by Americans this summer.

Photo by Pranav Satish on Unsplash

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