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Envision Science Academy is our Spotlight School of the Week

Posted On: 7 Feb

Envision Science Academy

GRADE: 5th
PROGRAM: Body Works
Scientist: Jeremy

When I was checking my schedule the night before, the name of this school was the first thing that caught my attention. I thought how awesome it would have been to tell people I went to a school named “Envision Science”!

As I pulled up to the school that Wednesday morning, I could barely contain my excitement for the day. I was teaching Body Works that day. This program is all about the human body and how our organs work together in unique systems. The main part of this spotlight occurs during my second class (although my whole day here was stellar). I had a student come up to me before I had a chance to start. She had asked me to lean over because she was too shy to speak in front of the whole room. As I lowered my head she said, “I’m not very comfortable with organs, please don’t be offended if I have to remove myself”. I was immediately impressed, mostly because this student had the courage to admit her fear to me, but also because she was mature enough to plan to remove herself if she got too uncomfortable.

As I taught the program, I kept a special watch on this child and tried my best to make sure she remained comfortable. To my surprise, this same student came back up to me near the end (after staying in the whole program and participating during every activity) and told me how much she enjoyed this program and how her mood changed towards the organs. She stated, “I was super nervous at first, but you made this program extremely fun and informative for me, so thank you”. Again, I was surprised by her maturity, but extremely excited to hear this news knowing I may have helped her overcome her fear.

One of my favorite parts about my job is watching the kids get engaged with things they aren’t completely comfortable with, and then overcoming some fear they may have. Watching that transition is truly magical. I look forward to visiting Envision Science sometime soon!

Scientist Jeremy says hello!

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