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St. Mary Magdalene is our Spotlight School of the Week

Posted On: 17 Jan


GRADE: 1st
PROGRAM: Measure Treasure
Scientist: Craig

It (was) Friday! By the time you read this, it won’t be Friday anymore. Anyway, I was excited to wake up and attend my favorite grade at St. Mary Magdalene today. I had visited the first graders earlier this year, so they knew a little about what to expect. Today I was teaching them all about the importance of measuring in science. As a reader, you might be thinking this may be a very boring topic to bring into a classroom of first graders. Well, I was confident I had it all covered.

We started off discussing the importance of standard measurements instead of non-standard in science. To show them, we made one of my favorite experiments: Elephant’s Toothpaste! We measured out specific amounts of chemicals to create a wildly, foamy concoction. By doing this, we were able to understand what might have happened differently if we didn’t use correct measurements.

The students then had a chance at engineering and operating a crane that was able to lift some treasure from the bottom of the ocean. This required them to use some estimates as well as exact measurements so our crane did not topple over and was strong enough to lift our treasure.

After deconstructing our cranes, we used chemicals to measure out chemicals to create exploding mini volcanoes right in the classroom. The students always get a kick out of the eruptions. We concluded our program by creating slime. Of course, this required exact measurements to create the consistency that we wanted. Weirdly, the students mentioned how much the slime smelled like Cheerios. Never a dull moment!

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