Science Fun

Speas Global Elementary is our Spotlight School of the Week

Posted On: 15 Nov


GRADE: 1st
PROGRAM: Funky Forces
Scientist: Maddie

I had the pleasure of being at Speas Global Elementary School in Winston-Salem the past two days! I was greeted by friendly staff who had tables and chairs set up for me to teach all of my students. I got to teach the first graders of Speas about forces! The students already knew that a force is a push and pull. They also knew that gravity is a force that pulls us back down to the ground. The first grade students knew a lot about magnets, gravity, and the force of wind. They were engaged, helpful, and patient. The best part is that we got to make magnetic slime! Our students were so intrigued by the magnetic slime and did such a great job mixing the chemicals to make the slime that they got to take it home! The first graders were so friendly and helped me clean up all of our experiments. Since most of the classes that came to do experiments with me are bilingual, I even got to learn some new Spanish words! I cannot wait to come back to Speas Elementary School next time I am in the Winston-Salem area to see what other fun science experiments we are going to get to do! Thank you for an awesome two days of Funky Forces!
– Scientist Maddie

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