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Grove Park Elementary is our Spotlight School of the Week

Posted On: 2 Nov

Grove Park Elementary

GRADE: 2nd
PROGRAM: Weather Wise
Scientist: Heather

Today, I was lucky enough to visit the second graders at Grove Park Elementary school in Burlington for THE VERY FIRST TIME EVER! Sorry to all the other SFFE scientists out teaching today, but there is just no way your classes were as awesome as mine!

I was nearly blown away by the weather knowledge these budding meteorologists already had, and they used it all expertly as we worked today. Each one of us got to see and feel some mini lightning bolts. We learned that lightning is a very strong form of static electricity. Of course, we don’t want to ever be close to real lightning, but we actually get struck by a teeny tiny mini lightning bolts any time we get shocked by a doorknob, slide, or friend. Next time look to see if you can spot the tiny flash of light, especially if you’re pulling on a staticky sweater on one of these cold mornings!

What impressed me the most at Grove Park was how well our meteorologists also worked as engineers to build their very own weather stations! They worked hard, helped each other, did their best, and never gave up as they put together a group of tools that can now tell them 4 different things about the weather. No need to check the weather channel this weekend, just ask these 2nd grade meteorologists about the rainfall, UV strength of the sun, wind speed, and wind direction!

For a few minutes it got really windy and rainy as our room, as we tested how to use things like anemometers and rain gauges. Then I did my very best to blow them away using my cloud blaster! I didn’t quite knock anyone out of their chairs, but we did end up with some wind blown hairstyles.

Time flies when you’re having fun, and I think the students agree that today was over too soon. Sadly, I can’t come hang out every day, but I certainly won’t be sad if I see Grove Park second grade in my schedule again sometime. Thanks for a terrific Thursday, magnificent Meteorologists!

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