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The Expedition School is our Spotlight School of the Week

Posted On: 6 Oct

The Expedition School is our Spotlight School of the Week


GRADE: 2nd Grade
PROGRAM: Weather Wise
Scientist: Cameron

The Expedition School. Doesn’t that just sound cool? I was intrigued when I saw this name on my schedule. I know about charter schools, magnet schools, public schools, private schools, even Montessori schools—but what’s an Expedition school? With the sun rising at my back, I set out to find the answer.

I snaked my way down the roads of Hillsborough, just off I-85, looking for my landmark: the Eno River. (Scientist Cameron Fun Fact: the Eno River stole my wedding ring and still hasn’t given it back! Not cool.) Just after crossing my nemesis, the school was in sight, built into what looked like an old factory or mill of some sort. I heard dozens of frogs chirping in the river as I unloaded my materials.

I was there to teach 2nd Grade about Meteorology—and they were ready for it. I tell you what, I’ve never had a more attentive or knowledgeable group of 2nd graders. Really! Not only had they covered some of their weather unit before I came, but they were into it. When I arrived, the students eagerly explained how, being so close to the river, their school was under a flood watch during Hurricane Florence.

During the programs, they gave detailed answers to questions about the water cycle, the formation of clouds, the occurrence of lightning, and much more. One girl’s answer in particular stood out to me. I asked, “Does anyone know why thunder happens after lightning?” First she said, “Well, light travels a lot faster than sound, so it gets to your ears faster.” I would have been content with that answer, but she continued, saying, “And thunder happens when the lightning makes the air around it get really, really hot.” Wow! She knows her stuff! I spent the whole day fielding answers like this.
This was apparently our first trip to the Expedition School, but I’d love to journey back there some time soon. Until next time, have a scientific day!

– Scientist Cameron

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